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06 Aug Can you have a bounce house at a park?
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Yes, we can put a bounce house in the park, but you must pay attention to the following points so as not to cause our leasing business to close. 1. You need to contact the parks and recreation department of the city to make a reservation and obtain a permit. 2. Be sure to tell the city government that you want to have a bounce house at your p..
07 Aug What is a bounce house made of?
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Bounce house is divided into commercial grade and household grade according to its use. The commercial grade bounce house materials are 0.55mm 18oz PVC tarpaulin. PVC is the world's third-most world's, the advantages of it are non-toxic, lead-free, tear resistant, anti-aging, waterproof, fire resistant and easy to clean. The service life can reac..
08 Aug How to roll up a bounce house?
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The Key to a Good Roll is to fold the material neatly in to the middle of the Inflatable. 1) Fold all material toward the middle of the Inflatable and find the bottom seams of the Inflatable. 2) Fold the Inflatable like a large bed sheet. Be sure to tuck all colorful designs inside your folds to avoid contact with the ground. 3) Fold sides in 2-..
10 Aug How many kids in a bounce house?
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Bounce house must pay attention to the maximum capacity. Players of different ages have different restrictions. A reasonable number of players must be maintained to ensure the safety of every child. Here are a few examples of the reasonable capacity of bounce houses of different sizes. 15x15 bounce house Capacity Age Range                        ..
13 Aug Where can i buy inflatable water slides?
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In summer, we need an inflatable water slide to make us feel cool. When you fill the pool with water, the whole person slides down from the slide, rushes into the pool, splashes water, and becomes cooler all summer. East inflatables launched a series of best-selling inflatable water slides in 2020, especially the water-textured cloth series, which..
14 Aug Where can i buy a bounce house cheap?
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If you want to buy a cheap bounce house, I suggest you find a bounce house rental agency around you, they usually sell second-hand bounce houses. They want to sell the old bounce house and buy the new bounce house to attract customers. Sometimes second-hand bounce house is very cost-effective. The price of second-hand bounce house is usually only h..
15 Aug How much does an inflatable water slide cost?
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The price of an inflatable water slide is closely related to its size. Here are a few popular inflatable water slides from East Inflatables. 30ft(L)x13ft(W)x22ft(H) About USD 1800 36ft(L)x15ft(W)x30ft(H) About USD 2500 98ft(L)x23ft(W)x36ft(H) About USD 9000 147ft(L)x49ft(W)x43ft(H) About USD 3025 164ft(L)x82ft(W)x40ft(H) About USD 2..
17 Aug How to repair a hole in an inflatable water slide?
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We East Inflatables provide each inflatable product with a set of accessories, including: repair kits and glue. When you find your inflatable water slide has a hole, don’t worry, just fix it by using our repair kits and glue. With these instructions, you can repair any hole in the inflatable water slide, and you'll be out in the summer sun. 1..
04 Oct How to convert meters to feet?
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We have listed a table of convert meters to feet, so that you can calculate the size of bounce houses. You can save it to your website for customers to view at any time.
08 Oct Friendly Link
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Friendly Link: Dear friend, If you want to exchange links with us, we are very welcome. Please leave a comment below, thank you.Exchange link requirements: inflatables, bounce houses, toys, outdoors, sports, children's playgrounds, original blogs, alexa statistics ranks about 1,000,000 in the world.Our text link: East InflatablesOur link: https:/..
30 May How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Bounce House in the United States?
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Bounce houses are popular attractions at parties and events, providing hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. If you're considering renting a bounce house for your next gathering, it's essential to understand the typical costs involved. Factors Affecting Bounce House Rental Prices:1 Location:Rental prices can vary depending on where you ..
01 Jun how to clean mold off inflatable water slide?
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Cleaning mold off an inflatable water slide requires thoroughness and care to ensure proper sanitation and maintenance. 1 Preparation:Choose a well-ventilated area for cleaning the water slide. It's best to do this outdoors.Wear protective gloves and a face mask to avoid direct contact with mold spores.2 Deflate the Water Slide:Ensure the water sli..
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