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06 Aug Inflatable Sumo Suits
eastinflatables 0 1834
One of the cheapest inflatable games I want to introduce to you today is the inflatable sumo suits! Sumo wrestling suits always hit a soft spot with everyone once they see the suits in action. Nothing is more fun than seeing two people in huge sumo suits trying to wrestle. To many people this does not come into mind when throwing a birthday party o..
12 Aug Sydney warehouse PK China factory
eastinflatables 0 2047
Australian customers’ attention: As is known to all, there is anoverseas warehouse located in Sydney besides our China factory. Thus, to cost down and make a big profit, which one should we choose to buy from? Each has its advantages. From Sydney warehouse: 1. If you purchase from our company for the first time with too much worries, you are..
14 Aug Inflatable decorations for Christmas
eastinflatables 0 2331
Have you seen all of the inflatable toys that people put out around Christmas every year? Christmas Inflatables are one of the most popular good looking ways that you can decorate your lawn to show your Christmas spirit. There are a lot of different options available that may make it a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones to choose for your ..
22 Aug East Inflatables EBay Retail store develops in Direct-selling Worldwide
eastinflatables 0 3395
Trust everyone experiences online shoppingmore or less,such as EBay, Amazon, etc. Mentioned the pros and cons, maybe you could tell a long long story, right? So far, we have opened a new market channel through EBay to meet the demands of retails.Don’t have to find a broker to import especiallyjust for one or two regular castles. Never feel annoyed..
23 Aug What kind of inflatables is suitable for summer
eastinflatables 0 3343
If you are looking for a good way to cool off this summer then water fun is always a good option. You could either get a pool installed or you could buy an inflatable water slide. The inflatable water slide is perfect for backyards. It is designed to ensure hours of fun. As a popular summer item, your kids and loved ones will truly enjoy it. When f..
18 Nov What is American warehouse featured by?
eastinflatables 0 1797
Hey guys! Nowadays, EAST Inflatables Company has owned another overseas warehouse, located in Los Angeles. For convenience of more usa customers, you could directly visit our website or our EBay Retail Store on American site to purchase and we arrange local delivery for you. No matter you just want to buy one jumping castle or slide for family use..
23 Jul IAAPA
eastinflatables 0 2229
East Inflatables was proud to be a member of IAAPA. We will be there IAAPA ATTRACTIONS EXPO 2015. Our new inflatables will be exhibited, showing the creative design and unique Double Reinforced workmanship. Welcome to our exposition to own more concessions! Written by Sharon from East Inflatables. ..
08 Dec East Inflatables in IAAPA 2015
eastinflatables 0 3363
East Inflatables in IAAPA 2015 IAAPA is the largest international trade association for amusement facilities worldwide. We East inflatables are delighted to attend IAAPA trade show 2015. Now follow me to have a look on our trip of IAAPA 2015 in Orlando, FL, USA. Orange County Convention Center Our inflatables showed on exhibition will ..
24 Dec East Inflatables in IAAPA 2016
eastinflatables 0 2633
After 33 hours of flight, we finally arrived in Orlando. for coming IAAPA 2016 show. After a short break, we immediately rushed to the IAAPA venue to get back our work documents. This time, our booth is outdoors because we booked the booth too late. Thank God, the weather is not bad. With the 2015 experience, we are familiar with all the processes..
12 Mar East Inflatables in IAAPA 2017
eastinflatables 0 2620
We East inflatables are delighted to attend IAAPA trade show 2017. Now follow us to have a look on our trip of IAAPA 2017 in Orlando, FL, USA. Written from East Inflatables ..
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