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24 Jun Warranty Service
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Warranty Service: A. Our Products in our website code number (such as bouncers, slides, combos, obstacles, etc.) come with 2 years warranty. Regarding Customized Inflatables, come with 6 months warranty. B. The blower comes with 2 years warranty. C. We’ll match each product with a repair kit which includes glue, relative thread, Same Color PVC m..
05 Jul High Quality With Global Standards
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Europe Standard EN 14960 2013 We east inflatables are qualified with Flame resistant, EN 71, Lead-free certificates. We have verified through the EN 14960 Standard. The EN 14960 Standard was passed by the European parliament in 2006. It was created to cover all aspects of inflatable play equipment that is “jumped” or “slid” on, from the manufactur..
18 Jul How to buy good quality inflatables in China ?
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If you are still hesitate or worried about how to buy good quality inflatables. And it’s hard for you to make a decision. Here we East Inflatables as the manufacturer give you some little tips for how to buy good quality inflatables in China. Firstly, you should know from whom you will buy inflatables. In other words, you must learn some manufac..
18 Aug How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?
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The beautiful graphic artwork on Inflatable bouncers attracts lots of kids and adults. However, when bouncers get older (3~5 years), it starts to get white blotches on the graphics. They seem to be related to moisture. In the tropical area, graphic artwork will get fade because of hot sun. How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bou..
18 Mar Which net we use and Which net they use?
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Now all products from East Inflatables have been manufactured with 2mm netting, which ensures that even the 5mm needles cannot get caught in the netting. Some other manufacturer use the 5mm netting, which the 5mm needles can go through easily as the following pic shows. Written by Sharon from East Inflatables. ..
19 Mar Fire resistance testing of the PVC Tarpaulins
eastinflatables 0 2569
Do you want to know how strong our PVC Tarpaulins is? Here I show you one of its advantages-fire resistance. Here is the moment to witness the miracle. Using such a kind of material, you will feel safer and more reliable when play in the inflatable games. Written by Doris from East Inflatables. ..
20 Mar See? The highlights of D-ring
eastinflatables 0 1704
This is our D ring of old vision as the picture below. While this is our newest D-ring, which is used for the jumping castles as the picture below. Obviously, the new type of D-ring is bigger and stronger than the old one. That’s to say, the castle with new D-ring could be more convenient for you to secure the bouncer and can hold more stress to..
21 Mar The Innovation Of Zipper
eastinflatables 0 1625
East Inflatables has the most recent updation in the zipper’s design. 1. The material is Stainless steel different from other company. 2. It is very flexible,smooth and firm,not easy to be broken. Left is our company. Written by Amy from East Inflatables. ..
02 Apr Your decision: Cheap or Useful?
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There’s nothing better than getting everything right at the first time, today we need to show up at a client’s home with wrong unit!! Has this ever happen to you? Left Side Strap is easily broken after several times use, why you should buy it if you cannot use it? Right Side Strap is our new STRAP, it is best built in the business, made of high s..
05 Jul How many children may play on one bounce house?
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The number of children that can safely play on a bounce house depends on several factors, including the size and capacity of the bounce house as specified by the manufacturer. It is essential to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer or the rental company to ensure the safety of the children. Typically, bounce houses are designed to acc..
10 Jul How to clean and store inflatable bounce house?
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Cleaning and storing an inflatable bounce house properly is essential to ensure its longevity and maintain its safety. Here are the steps you can follow:1 Deflate the Bounce House: Turn off the blower and let the bounce house deflate completely. Ensure all air is released from the unit.2 Remove Debris: Clear any debris, leaves, or small objects fro..
12 Jul Attention of using the inflatables
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When using inflatables, it's important to follow certain guidelines and safety precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some key points to keep in mind:1 Read and Follow Instructions: Carefully read and understand the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines specific to the inflatable you are using. Follow them close..
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