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How to set up a bouncer?

1. Place your ground cover sheet over the site where you want the inflatable to stand.

2. Place and adjust the unit on the ground sheet so that it lines up correctly and centered. Unknot the straps and remove them. Place them aside so you do not lose them.

3. Unroll the blower tubes. Unroll the unit. Unfold the sides and straighten them out. Make sure that your ground cover sheet covers the entire unit.

4. There are two blower tubes on this unit. Select the blower tube that is closest to the power source. Slide the blower neck into the tube. Then pleat and fold the extra fabric around the blower to secure and wrap the strap around the blower and tighten. Make sure to gather all the fabric in the strap, especially around the bottom. Tighten the strap using the self-locking clip which is attached to the strap. Plug the fan power cord into the extension.

5. Close the other blower tube’s opening by pleating or folding the vinyl fabric as tight as you can. Then use the attached strap to secure it shut. This does not have to be airtight. Escaping air is what makes you unit bouncy.

6. Plug the extension cord into the power source. Locate the on/off switch on the fan and turn it on. Observe the inflation of the inflatable as it rises.

7. Locate all of the tie down straps on the bottom of the unit. (There should be at least one tide down strap on each corner and in some cases, one in between corners.) Extend the strap drive the provided stakes through the ring at the end of the strap. Locate all upper tethers and use the provided straps to extend them to the ground. Stake these tethers down in an approximately 45 degree angle.

8. Before letting anyone on please do a quick inspection of the unit. When properly inflated, all inflated areas of the unit will be pressurized and firm. Make sure the extension cord is away from any foot traffic. Check the inflation tube to make sure it is properly attached to the blower fan. The inflation tube must be properly closed around the fan outlet cone to prevent large air leakage.

9. Do not place fingers or hands into the intake or outlet when the fan is operating. Do not allow any children or adults in the rear of the ride or near the electric blower fan at any time.

10. Make sure the operator understands all the rules and safety procedures.

How to deflate and pack a bouncer:

Before Deflating

1. Before breaking down any game, inspect the game for any damages and repair as necessary. Remove all accessories that may be applicable to the game. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc… Be sure to use a quality broom and sweep the surface of the game free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the game, i.e. pens, rocks, etc. also make sure the game is dry, if not, please dry the game.

2. Buckle any plastic snaps to reduce the possibility of entanglement in the mesh. If the unit steps attached to it, we highly recommend removing the steps and rolling them separately. This is to ensure the life span and quality of the steps.


3. Turn off and unplug the blower fan. As the game begins to deflate, go around and unlock the strap that secures the blower tube to the blower. Unhook the strap on the other blower tube to allow air to escape. If the unit has zippers. Unzip the zipper to speed up the deflation process.

4. Pull out the stakes around the unit and pack them up.

5. Walk from front to back of the unit to move any remaining air towards the blower tubes.


6. Fold in the base of the unit all the way around and walk around the unit to remove any air.

7. Now make two half folds to the middle and walk around to remove any air.

8. Fold in the half folds and again walk around removing any remaining air. You are ready to roll!


9. Prior to rolling the game, make sure that there is no excessive air and the fold is firm. Start your roll from the front of the unit and roll it up like a sleeping bag. Keep pushing and flattening the roll as you go. You may also want to have someone walk on the roll in front of you.

10. At the end of the roll, the blower tubes must be on the outside. Slide the straps under the unit and then run the end of the straps through the rings on the other end of the straps, pull tight. Loop the end of the strap around and tie a tight slipknot.

Storing the Game

11. Place the storage bag over the end of the game and work it down as far as you can.

12. at you work the bottom of the bag down to the top of the roll. Rotate the game 180 degrees and pull the bag over the top of the game/ Tie the bag closed. Use a two wheel dolly to transport the unit, blower and accessories. Now you are ready to pack up and leave.