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15 Apr East Inflatables America
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Welcome to our website: We will provide more services around the world. For Example: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe. In America, we could deliver inflatables to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, and most places in United States. You could see more best quality inflatables...
29 Jul Why not choose Inflatable bouncers for your birthday party ?
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Everything in our society is ever evolving, and so is the trend in children’s party, weekends and holidays. So how to add fun and attraction to your birthday party? Do you want to organize a special birthday party for your kids? Yes! The inflatable bouncers are nice choice! Inflatable bounce house is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activ..
01 Jun how to clean mold off inflatable water slide?
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Cleaning mold off an inflatable water slide requires thoroughness and care to ensure proper sanitation and maintenance. 1 Preparation:Choose a well-ventilated area for cleaning the water slide. It's best to do this outdoors.Wear protective gloves and a face mask to avoid direct contact with mold spores.2 Deflate the Water Slide:Ensure the water sli..
29 Jun Do you have to wear socks on a bounce house?
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Wearing socks on a bounce house is generally recommended for safety and hygiene reasons. Here's why wearing socks is advised:1 Safety: Wearing socks can help reduce the risk of slipping on the bounce house surface. Some bounce houses have a smooth or vinyl surface that can become slippery, especially if it gets wet or if children's feet are sweaty...
23 Oct How to make your inflatable rental business in winter?
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Running an inflatable rental business in winter can be challenging due to the colder weather and potential limitations on outdoor activities. However, with some strategic planning and creativity, you can still generate revenue and keep your business running. Here are some tips to make your inflatable rental business work during the winter:1 Indoor ..
23 Oct Inflatables may also educate children
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Absolutely! Inflatables can serve as educational tools for children, combining fun and learning. Here are a few ways inflatables can be used to educate children:1 Interactive Learning: Inflatables can be designed with educational themes, such as planets, animals, historical landmarks, or letters and numbers. Children can engage in interactive activ..
27 Nov Inflatable Castles: What Secrets Lie Beneath Their Allure?
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In the realm of children's entertainment, few things captivate young hearts and bring joy like the sight of an inflatable castle. These vibrant, bouncy palaces of playtime have an irresistible charm that leaves both kids and adults enchanted. But what secrets lie beneath their whimsical façade? Join us as we delve into the mysterious allure of infl..
14 Dec The dangers of inflatables in the heat
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Inflatables, such as bounce houses, inflatable slides, and other structures, can pose various dangers when exposed to heat. Here are several risks associated with inflatables in hot weather:1 Overheating: In hot temperatures, the material used in inflatables can become extremely hot, causing the surface of the structure to become scalding. Direct c..
21 Dec How do you hook up a blower to a bounce house?
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Hooking up a blower to a bounce house is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to connect the blower:1 Positioning: Place the bounce house on a flat, clear surface away from obstacles or sharp objects that might puncture or damage it.2 Unfold and Spread: Unfold the bounce house and ensure it's spread out evenly with all sides lying flat on ..
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