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15 Apr East Inflatables America
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11 Sep Introduction of eInflatables
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eInflatables is Located in sunny southern California who offers the largest selection of affordable inflatable play structures, including Water Slides, Dry Slides, Wet & Dry Slides, Combo Units, Obstacle Courses, Inflatable Games, Bouncers and more. They have been producing the highest quality, made-in-the-USA bouncers, slides and obstacle courses..
12 Sep Introduction of HEC World wide
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HEC Worldwide is a leading inflatables manufacturer founded in Orlando, FL, which supplies Inflatable Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bouncers, Combos, Water Slides, Toddlers, Juniors, Interactive Sports, etc. Obviously, HEC worldwide targets global markets. But this company established another branch office in Los Angeles, CA. To some extent, the layout..
16 Sep Introduction of JB-Inflatables
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JB-Inflatables started in 2003 located in Netherlands, it has been in the line of designing, manufacturing and selling unique bouncy castles, inflatable games, sky dancers and custom inflatables all over the world, JB-inflatables has Europe’s biggest stock of inflatable slides, obstacle courses and other inflatable games. Due to their high quality..
16 Sep Introduction of Magic Jump
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Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Sun Valley, California. Established in 1996, and supplier of inflatable play structures — such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, a wide variety of slides, combo units, and inflatables suitable for use in water — to independent businesses. Magic Jump’s inflatable products are created with the ide..
24 Sep Information of airquee inflatables
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Airquee was built in 2003 in Bristol, UK. In 2007 Airquee was introduced to the idea of manufacturing in Europe. 11 years on andAirquee Ltd has gone from strength to strength. They now have a full office in Bristol, UK, two factories in Romania, 15 distributors in different countries! Airquee enormous range of products includes: • Bouncy castles –..
20 Oct Environmental and Human Causes for Injury
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There are several possible causes for the increase in injuries. Among these causes are environmental conditions, operator error, equipment failure, overcrowding, rough housing, etc. 1 Environmental – Wind and Rain Wind Wind is often a factor in injuries caused by inflatables. There have been cases of sudden gusts of wind blowing over inflatables. I..
28 Oct How Do Rewards Points Work?
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For every purchase made at East Inflatables, you receive 5% back in rewards points. Every reward point is equivalent to a US$1.00 credit. For example, if you purchase US$2,000, you will receive $100 towards your next purchase. The points are used like cash, so they can be combined with future offers. However, your next purchase must be done within ..
22 Jan Are your inflatables in licensed?
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If you’d like to know whether east inflatables is in licensed? Our answer is No! 1. Please note that only Ninja jump is in licensed. None of inflatable manufacture have license in China. However, our company price is 1/2 or 1/3 of licensed inflatables. 2. How about the quality? Our quality is definitely good and in commercial grade.We double stit..
29 Jul Why not choose Inflatable bouncers for your birthday party ?
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Everything in our society is ever evolving, and so is the trend in children’s party, weekends and holidays. So how to add fun and attraction to your birthday party? Do you want to organize a special birthday party for your kids? Yes! The inflatable bouncers are nice choice! Inflatable bounce house is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activ..
06 Aug Inflatable Sumo Suits
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One of the cheapest inflatable games I want to introduce to you today is the inflatable sumo suits! Sumo wrestling suits always hit a soft spot with everyone once they see the suits in action. Nothing is more fun than seeing two people in huge sumo suits trying to wrestle. To many people this does not come into mind when throwing a birthday party o..
14 Aug Inflatable decorations for Christmas
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Have you seen all of the inflatable toys that people put out around Christmas every year? Christmas Inflatables are one of the most popular good looking ways that you can decorate your lawn to show your Christmas spirit. There are a lot of different options available that may make it a bit of a challenge to figure out which ones to choose for your ..
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