Bounce house must pay attention to the maximum capacity. Players of different ages have different restrictions. A reasonable number of players must be maintained to ensure the safety of every child. Here are a few examples of the reasonable capacity of bounce houses of different sizes.

15x15 bounce house Capacity

Age Range                                       Maximum Occupants

8 years old and under                   6 children

9-12 years old                                 5 children

Older teens                                     4 children

Adults                                               3 adults

4 in 1 bounce house Capacity

Age Range                                           Maximum Occupants

8 years old and under                       8 children

9-12 years old                                     6 children

Older teens                                         5 children

Adults                                                  4 adults

5 in 1 bounce house Capacity

Age Range                                                 Maximum Occupants

8 years old and under                             10 children

9-12 years old                                            8 children

Older teens                                                6 children

Adults                                                          5 adults

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.