If you want to buy a cheap bounce house, I suggest you find a bounce house rental agency around you, they usually sell second-hand bounce houses. They want to sell the old bounce house and buy the new bounce house to attract customers. Sometimes second-hand bounce house is very cost-effective. The price of second-hand bounce house is usually only half or even one-third of the original price. It is worth buying. Of course, the disadvantage is that there is no after-sale guarantee. Generally, second-hand bounce house has no warranty period.

If you just want to buy a cheap bounce house for your own home, I suggest you go to AMAZON, EBAY to choose a nylon bounce house, which is light and cheap, about 500 US dollars.

If you are also a rental company and want a cheap bounce house at commercial level, then the clearance series launched by east inflatables is very suitable for you. Some products have no flaws, but the inventory is too long; some have a little flaw; but the price is only one-fifth or lower of the original price. Click www.east-inflatables.com and contact customer service for more details. Customer service is online 24 hours a day.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.