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19 Mar Fire resistance testing of the PVC Tarpaulins
eastinflatables 0 2608
Do you want to know how strong our PVC Tarpaulins is? Here I show you one of its advantages-fire resistance. Here is the moment to witness the miracle. Using such a kind of material, you will feel safer and more reliable when play in the inflatable games. Written by Doris from East Inflatables. ..
20 Mar See? The highlights of D-ring
eastinflatables 0 1772
This is our D ring of old vision as the picture below. While this is our newest D-ring, which is used for the jumping castles as the picture below. Obviously, the new type of D-ring is bigger and stronger than the old one. That’s to say, the castle with new D-ring could be more convenient for you to secure the bouncer and can hold more stress to..
21 Mar The Innovation Of Zipper
eastinflatables 0 1678
East Inflatables has the most recent updation in the zipper’s design. 1. The material is Stainless steel different from other company. 2. It is very flexible,smooth and firm,not easy to be broken. Left is our company. Written by Amy from East Inflatables. ..
02 Apr Your decision: Cheap or Useful?
eastinflatables 0 1916
There’s nothing better than getting everything right at the first time, today we need to show up at a client’s home with wrong unit!! Has this ever happen to you? Left Side Strap is easily broken after several times use, why you should buy it if you cannot use it? Right Side Strap is our new STRAP, it is best built in the business, made of high s..
27 Jul How much to rent a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 2737
On average, the rent for the bounce house ranges from $20 to $50 per hour, and most people pay $140 to $280 for six hours depending on the size and length of the lease. The daily rental fee usually includes delivery, setting up and collecting after the event. For example, in Houston, Texas, if you want to rent an 8-hour castle bounce house, you'l..
28 Jul How much is a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 1740
If you want to buy a home bounce house for your children to play with, then choose nylon material, which is light and cheap. Many online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, sell it. A 15ft ordinary trampoline costs about $300. If you want to buy a commercial bounce house, whether for home or rental purposes, you can buy it from a local ..
29 Jul How to clean a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 3655
Play an Inflatable bounce house on a tarp (to protect the bottom from grass and dirt). Spray down the slide with a garden hose, removing loose dirt from the slide. Apply vinyl cleaner to a soft sponge or directly to the Inflatable bounce house. If you don't have vinyl cleaner available, use a solution of mild dish soap with water (use approximat..
30 Jul Where to buy bounce houses?
eastinflatables 0 1408
Are you still worried about where to buy a cheap bounce house? Maybe you have tried the online shopping platform and found that the quality is not satisfactory, maybe you have tried the local inflatables distributor, but found that the price is outrageous. And the styles are very popular, there is no way to customize it according to your own prefer..
31 Jul How to start a bounce house business?
eastinflatables 0 1284
Congratulations, you succeeded in breaking through yourself and want to start the journey of making money as your own boss. Believe me, this is definitely more challenging than going to work from nine to five every day. Of course, there are too many things you need to consider. You need a detailed business plan. 1. Registration of rental company..
01 Aug Where to rent a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 1662
Are you still worried about where to rent a bounce house? Local bounce houses are too expensive, and Chinese manufacturers are too far away. Good news, east inflatables has established distributors around the world. You can click to find the contact person of your local distributor, contact them, and you ca..
04 Aug How to patch a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 2211
1. First you have to find the damaged area and mark it with a marker. 2. Wipe the damaged area clean without water. 3. Measure the size of the hole and cut out a piece of PVC repair material of appropriate size. Put the repair material on the damaged area and draw the repair area with a marker. 4. Apply special glue on the repair area and repa..
05 Aug How to deflate a bounce house?
eastinflatables 0 2461
1. Make sure everyone leaves the bounce house. Go into the bounce room and check to see if there are people or objects left. 2. Turn off the fan, untie the fan band, unplug the fan, and move the fan to a safe place. 3. The vent zipper opening of the trampoline. 4. The trampoline is venting slowly. Pay attention to the direction in which th..
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