Congratulations, you succeeded in breaking through yourself and want to start the journey of making money as your own boss. Believe me, this is definitely more challenging than going to work from nine to five every day. Of course, there are too many things you need to consider. You need a detailed business plan.

1. Registration of rental company

First, choose a company name that is easy to remember and register a domain name. Then you need Register for taxes. Of course, opening a business bank account & credit card is very important.

2. Choice of venue

If you want to build a paradise-style company, you need to measure the footprint of each air model and the location of the fan plug. Combine and place them reasonably.

If you just want to start a small family company, you only need to prepare a small warehouse.

3. Recruitment of personnel

Determine the number of staff based on your proficiency in bounce houses. Generally, a 15ft gas model requires 2 people to operate.

4. Target Market

Determine who your target customers are? Family party rental, large event rental, adults or children? Only in this way can you buy suitable bounce houses.

5. Purchase of Bounce house

It is recommended to purchase commercial grade inflatable models from China. East Inflatables is a good choice.

6. Rental price

Prices vary by region and delivery of goods and services. The average 4-hour rental of ordinary inflatable toys is $125, and that of nursery rooms is $80 to $250, depending on your needs. The average combined bodyguard is $250.

Tickets to inflatable stores range from $7 to $10 per child, while private parties start at $250 for 20 children. Before pricing, consider the average prices of similar companies in the region.

7. After-sales service

Be sure to send a security officer to follow the bounce house. Safety is the most important.

8. Brand Promotion

When your own rental business is loved by more and more people, you should promote your brand and make it bigger and bigger.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.