Play an Inflatable bounce house on a tarp (to protect the bottom from grass and dirt). Spray down the slide with a garden hose, removing loose dirt from the slide.

Apply vinyl cleaner to a soft sponge or directly to the Inflatable bounce house. If you don't have vinyl cleaner available, use a solution of mild dish soap with water (use approximately 1 tsp. of soap per gallon of water and mix it in a bucket).

Use the soft sponge to wipe down all surfaces of the slide. Apply extra cleaner to areas that are stained or very soiled and scrub until clean.

Rinse the cleaner off with a garden hose. Allow the Inflatable bounce house to air dry. You may need to use a soft towel to dry off seams and folds because they will hold more water and take longer to dry.

Spray the slide with a household disinfectant. Make sure you mist all surfaces with the disinfectant to kill any bacteria or mildew left behind after cleaning. Store the inflatable bounce house dry and out of the sunlight (to prevent damage from UV rays) until the next use.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.