Are you still worried about where to buy a cheap bounce house? Maybe you have tried the online shopping platform and found that the quality is not satisfactory, maybe you have tried the local inflatables distributor, but found that the price is outrageous. And the styles are very popular, there is no way to customize it according to your own preferences. The bounce house bought in this way has a normal design, which can not make people's eyes shine, nor can it allow its products to post more advantages among peer competitors.

Then you should buy from East Inflatables, the largest inflatable manufacturer in China. All East Inflatables products are made of Plato PVC, with double-layer reinforcement in the process, which doubles the life span of bounce houses. The inkjet is covered with a layer of UV-resistant coating liquid to make it not easy to fade. In 2020, East Inflatables will re-integrate products according to the market and launch hundreds of new design bounce houses. In addition, the company's website has also been updated and upgraded to bring you visual enjoyment. Enter the website, there is an online customer service to communicate with you 24 hours a day to solve your doubts. And you can send emails, and one-to-one professional sales staff will follow up your order. If you think the mail is too slow, we have professional sales to provide telephone service.

You don't have to worry about the various problems of overseas imports, East Inflatables will arrange everything for you to ensure that you can successfully receive your goods. In addition, East Inflatables has a 2-year warranty. If you have any quality problems, just contact the sales staff and we will provide you with a solution. East Inflatables has the most professional certificate, CE certification, EN14960, fire resistant, lead free, blower certificate and etc. East Inflatables certificate of origin can help you save a lot of customs duties. So, just contact East Inflatables and tell East Inflatables your needs. Their professional sales will provide you with the most favorable plan and let you receive the most desired products.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.