The Key to a Good Roll is to fold the material neatly in to the middle of the Inflatable.

1) Fold all material toward the middle of the Inflatable and find the bottom seams of the Inflatable.

2) Fold the Inflatable like a large bed sheet. Be sure to tuck all colorful designs inside your folds to avoid contact with the ground.

3) Fold sides in 2-3 feet lengthwise.

4) Continue to fold Inflatable from the outside-in until folded layers overlap leaving a fold of 2-3 feet.

5) Tuck in any extra material. (Leave Ports out to allow air to escape as you roll.)

6) Walk air out of the Inflatable by walking on the Inflatable towards the Port (Blower tube). (Doing so pushes air and allows air to escape.)

7) Where the Inflatable roll is to end- tuck in rope or strap 2-3 feet underneath Inflatable that is to be used for tying. (Doing so will allow you to not lift the entire roll to tie off.)

8) Begin rolling from the furthest point away from the Port (Blower tube). (Doing so pushes air to escape as you roll.) Roll as tightly as possible. Keep the roll lined up, tuck any in extra material, and do not allow any part of the roll to sag. Slack rolls are difficult to move. Take your time and roll it tight.

9) Tuck in Ports (Blower tubes).

10) Tie off roll with rope or strap. Tuck in hoses and any extra material. Place in bag when applicable. (Placing in a Bag: Turn Inflatable to a 搒tanding position, pull bag from the top down to ground level. Rotate Inflatable in bag for transportation.) Photos for How to Roll an Inflatable:

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.