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25 Sep Introduction of Jolly Jumps
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Jolly Jumps focus on sales and rental business. Jolly Jumps are the exclusive distributor for Australia and NZ for licensed Jumping Castles-Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, and Sesame Workshop. They have over 200 inflatables IN STOCK NOW, ready for fast delivery. Jolly Jumps carry over 80 different types of jumping castles and mechanical rides, su..
27 Jul How much to rent a bounce house?
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On average, the rent for the bounce house ranges from $20 to $50 per hour, and most people pay $140 to $280 for six hours depending on the size and length of the lease. The daily rental fee usually includes delivery, setting up and collecting after the event. For example, in Houston, Texas, if you want to rent an 8-hour castle bounce house, you'l..
28 Jul How much is a bounce house?
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If you want to buy a home bounce house for your children to play with, then choose nylon material, which is light and cheap. Many online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, sell it. A 15ft ordinary trampoline costs about $300. If you want to buy a commercial bounce house, whether for home or rental purposes, you can buy it from a local ..
01 Aug Where to rent a bounce house?
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Are you still worried about where to rent a bounce house? Local bounce houses are too expensive, and Chinese manufacturers are too far away. Good news, east inflatables has established distributors around the world. You can click to find the contact person of your local distributor, contact them, and you ca..
06 Aug Can you have a bounce house at a park?
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Yes, we can put a bounce house in the park, but you must pay attention to the following points so as not to cause our leasing business to close. 1. You need to contact the parks and recreation department of the city to make a reservation and obtain a permit. 2. Be sure to tell the city government that you want to have a bounce house at your p..
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