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25 Mar New Generation of Package Bag
eastinflatables 0 1856
We are willing to show you our quality of package bag. 1.Package bag use strong PVC material which is waterproof, fire retardant and non-toxic. 2.We are capable of producing the package bag by our own design. It has blue handle on it for the convenience of handling and shipping. 3.With our rich experience in exporting inflatable products, it can..
20 Mar See? The highlights of D-ring
eastinflatables 0 1791
This is our D ring of old vision as the picture below. While this is our newest D-ring, which is used for the jumping castles as the picture below. Obviously, the new type of D-ring is bigger and stronger than the old one. That’s to say, the castle with new D-ring could be more convenient for you to secure the bouncer and can hold more stress to..
21 Mar The Innovation Of Zipper
eastinflatables 0 1693
East Inflatables has the most recent updation in the zipper’s design. 1. The material is Stainless steel different from other company. 2. It is very flexible,smooth and firm,not easy to be broken. Left is our company. Written by Amy from East Inflatables. ..
02 Apr Your decision: Cheap or Useful?
eastinflatables 0 1935
There’s nothing better than getting everything right at the first time, today we need to show up at a client’s home with wrong unit!! Has this ever happen to you? Left Side Strap is easily broken after several times use, why you should buy it if you cannot use it? Right Side Strap is our new STRAP, it is best built in the business, made of high s..
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