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23 Jul IAAPA
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East Inflatables was proud to be a member of IAAPA. We will be there IAAPA ATTRACTIONS EXPO 2015. Our new inflatables will be exhibited, showing the creative design and unique Double Reinforced workmanship. Welcome to our exposition to own more concessions! Written by Sharon from East Inflatables. ..
24 Dec East Inflatables in IAAPA 2016
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After 33 hours of flight, we finally arrived in Orlando. for coming IAAPA 2016 show. After a short break, we immediately rushed to the IAAPA venue to get back our work documents. This time, our booth is outdoors because we booked the booth too late. Thank God, the weather is not bad. With the 2015 experience, we are familiar with all the processes..
12 Mar East Inflatables in IAAPA 2017
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We East inflatables are delighted to attend IAAPA trade show 2017. Now follow us to have a look on our trip of IAAPA 2017 in Orlando, FL, USA. Written from East Inflatables ..
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