After 33 hours of flight, we finally arrived in Orlando. for coming IAAPA 2016 show. After a short break, we immediately rushed to the IAAPA venue to get back our work documents. This time, our booth is outdoors because we booked the booth too late. Thank God, the weather is not bad. With the 2015 experience, we are familiar with all the processes. Contacted FREEMAN to pick goods up, carpet in the ground and blow the inflatable bouncer up. The tent is stretched out and the table chair is laid. Lastly, we packed customer’s album in handbags. Everything is ready, just waiting for tomorrow!

Team of East Inflatables (Maria, Andy, Jane, Candy and Liang)

Considering sunshine, we had to change the tent position. That can protect our customers from big sunshine.

Our popular inflatable C4 Combo with seaworld theme. Customers were impressed with our double reinforced and interchangeable banner workmanship. What’s more, the special slide inside is much safer than other ones. They said that this product was indeed what they need for their rental business, full-featured, suitable size and easy to transport. Interchangeable banner improves the attractiveness of the children also save costs. One USA customer bought this bouncer with full cash.

Soon, many customers were attracted to our products and asked us many questions about the product. Some of them have already made an appointment to meet with us. They are not only Americans, but also some from Australia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Brazil and other countries.

We are very grateful to some regular customers. They played a test order in IAAPA 2015 and they came to us again to buy more some products. We believe that this is a big satisfaction on our products and services. We are very sorry for no enough time to take photos of every customer. Just show one here. Thank you for your support, Mr&Mrs. Carbral.

We are very satisfied with IAAPA 2016, not only because of a lot of orders, but also because our brand “East Inflatables” is known and loved by more and more customers. We are confident that our products and services are doing better and better. Good bye IAAPA 2016! see all of you in IAAPA 2017!

Written by Candy from East Inflatables