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24 Sep Introduction of B-Air
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The B-Air is located in 550 S Ayon Ave., Azusa, California91702. The family of B-Airs, whether it be a … ‘Kodiak’ , ‘Panda’, ‘Grizzly’, ‘Super Bear’, ‘Koala’, ‘Cub’ or a ‘BIG BEAR’ is certain to meet all of your inflatable blower needs. For the past decade, B-Air Blowers has been creating and designing various blowers and fans that answer the need..
20 Oct Environmental and Human Causes for Injury
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There are several possible causes for the increase in injuries. Among these causes are environmental conditions, operator error, equipment failure, overcrowding, rough housing, etc. 1 Environmental – Wind and Rain Wind Wind is often a factor in injuries caused by inflatables. There have been cases of sudden gusts of wind blowing over inflatables. I..
17 Jul How to set up inflatable water park trampoline?
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Inflatable water park trampoline is the one of popular element for water park. Our commercial grade Inflatable Water Trampolines are made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, the diameters are from 3-6m(10ft-19.7ft) at your options..With Stainless steel on it, for the safety problem, we will add the mat on the steel to avoid hurt. It can connect with slide, br..
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