The beautiful graphic artwork on Inflatable bouncers attracts lots of kids and adults.

However, when bouncers get older (3~5 years), it starts to get white blotches on the graphics. They seem to be related to moisture.

In the tropical area, graphic artwork will get fade because of hot sun.

How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?

1.Choose bouncer with good quality graphic artwork

East Inflatables use the first grade pigment to make graphic artwork and lacquer another protective film on them. Then all graphic artwork can block the UV rays and be waterproof.

2.Use bouncer indoor or under shade during heating wave days

3.If your bouncer gets wet, you must use dry and soft towel to dry the graphic artwork part. Keep inflating to get all water out from bouncer interior. You can’t pack the bouncer until it gets dry completely.

4.Don’t stain the graphic artwork when you use cleaner to clean the bouncer. Cleaner will damage the graphic artwork.

5.If the panel can be removed, you need to take it out when you pack bouncer and storage the panel separately.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.