As time goes by, many inflatable products come to our live. There are many kinds of inflatable products. Inflatable Castles, inflatable water games, inflatable Slides, inflatable sports, inflatable screen and so on. Because of the characteristic of inflatable, it can be used in many fields such as water park, playground, exhibition, ceremony, even house will use inflatable products.

Here we’d like to recommend you the inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses are a ton of fun and great to satisfy your child’s competitive nature. Kids can race each other or just run wild through all the pop-ups, side bars, tunnels, rock walls and slides. There are so many different ways to have fun.

We have the largest selection of inflatable obstacle courses with high quality and good price. Our obstacles courses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The hottest one is the Adrenaline Rush Course E5-002. It is a three-piece design which is connected by the Velcros.The right and left part are all the same, so two players can play at the same time. The left and right sides are identical which allows for relay races between two teams. The two sides include log obstacles up and over, rock climbing walls with slides, crawls through tubes and pop up obstacles. The center obstacle include the pop ups, a double climb and a double lane slides. We have this inflatable obstacle course in stock now. Owning such a funny inflatable obstacle course, you will have great success in your business. You should not miss it!

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.