Inflatable costumes, also called air-filled costumes, the life-like characters invite hugs from loads of smiles from kids and youngsters. They can be worn like a costume and you can still walk, run and mingle with the crowd. Become focus of attention at all gatherings.

It is a fun way to promote products, corporate logos and launch new products. This versatile range of products can be used at sporting events, fairs, festivals, and parades.

The costumes can be inflated to any character, mascot or product shape, like Frozen, Ninja Turtle, and Minion etc. These liquidated costumes are easy and comfortable to wear. Constant supply fresh air through blower, shipped with DC Blower, international quality 12V battery, battery recharger, carry bag. It is made with industrial strength nylon. Repair kit added for minor tears and holes.

Easy to handle Inflatable costumes are an extremely effective tool for launching of new products. They’re easy to move anywhere. These products are so durable that they can be used for many years.

Written by Ada from East Inflatables.