The step:

1、Purchase an Inflatable Bouncer: To start your inflatable bouncer business you will first need to purchase a bouncer. Some of the inflatable bouncer manufacturers are magicjump (, ninjajump ( and East Inflatables ( For your first bouncer, it is best to choose a universal pattern for any event such as a multi-colored castle. Choose non-gender specific colors so that you can service both boys and girls parties. Bouncers can cost between $1,800 and $5,000 to purchase – but a plain castle should run you about $2,500.

2、Insurance: Before you can operate, you will need insurance coverage for your bouncer. You can visit to find a qualified bounce insurance agent. Before any booking you will have the customer sign a release as well as agree to a list of rules.

3、Website: The next thing you will want to do is build a website that will attract both kids and adults who are in search of inflatable bouncers in your area. Also, you should list your bouncer business on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

4、Advertising: You can make a magnetic sign and put it on your car or truck advertising your inflatable bouncer company. You should also make business cards and put them at any party shop, day care or other location that has many children.

5、First Booking: Your first inflatable bouncer booking will be exciting. Make sure you have tons of extension cord in case the customers outlet is far from the bouncer location. Typically, bouncers are booked in 6 hour blocks and rates vary all across the United States but an average rate would be $150 to $175 for 6 hours.