Many people are confused whether a long slip N slide can be made as 2 separate parts, like the following slide.

Split the slide into 2 sections, a dry slide and other section as a slip n slide. Sure, that also can be used as a complete unit. East Inflatables can do it for you!

Put anchor points on both sides where the crosses are (diagram) so that can tie/lace the 2 parts together. Like the following photos show.

Then how to connect the slide skins/covers? Use the Velcro. On each side to hold the slide cover in place. With the momentum of the kids coming down the slide as long as the slide cover is over the tail the Velcro on each side should be enough to hold in place. Velcro length is about 40cm and width is about 10cm. Please check the following photos.

The slide skins come up the walls to reduce the amount of water that leaks through the stitching.

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.