Bounce Houses (a.k.a. moonwalks) vary from manufacturers. They may use different materials, some may use a ‘cheaper’ vinyl (often thinner). They might not double stitch stress points. They could also charge extra for add-ons to the inflatable unit, such as a vinyl roof, which prevents sun exposure which could lead to hot vinyl and burns. They might not include a front step which is highly recommended safety feature so that children can easily access the door or not “fall out” of the unit directly onto the ground. A zipper is another nice amenity for deflation, drying of the unit, and checking for worn vinyl or weak seams. Less price could mean less usable life in a unit. Please research your equipment before your final purchase.

We hope that you’ve probably already done some research and know that sizes and prices vary. You’ll find that a typical 15 x 15 unit can be purchased for $1595 and $200 shipping. Yes, you could probably could find a less expensive inflatable, but I am in a belief that you get what you pay for and quality and longevity will reign in the end.

Also considering warranty of your inflatables, they vary greatly. One year to three years. Some will NOT pay shipping even if your inflatable has a seam rip only after a few rentals (which should be considered a manufacturing defect). Some will pay only return shipping. And yet some inflatable manufacturers have worked out agreements with repair companies through the country and you might be able to bring (or ship) it to a “closer” repair location. Warning: Shipping can be expensive!!!!!!!!!!

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.