The B-Air is located in 550 S Ayon Ave., Azusa, California91702. The family of B-Airs, whether it be a … ‘Kodiak’ , ‘Panda’, ‘Grizzly’, ‘Super Bear’, ‘Koala’, ‘Cub’ or a ‘BIG BEAR’ is certain to meet all of your inflatable blower needs.

For the past decade, B-Air Blowers has been creating and designing various blowers and fans that answer the needs for the Inflatable industry from Safety, Design and Function.

All of B-Air Blower’s products are manufactured in their state of the art factory to provide the best quality products available.


1 YEAR: From Original Purchase date will cover all parts, labor and one-way shipping costs to your location in the 48 Contiguous states, using UPS Ground Service. Customer will pay shipping cost to our warehouse. Canada and Non-Contiguous States must pay for freight both ways.

5-YEAR: B-Air will cover Housing from date of Original purchase.


1. Blower must have back pressure, meaning it must be attached to an inflatable or duct to avoid any damage to motor.

2. Keep children away from unit at all times while in operation and/or plugged in.

3. Do not put fingers or other objects in unit while in operation and/or plugged in.

4. Do not operate in pooled water to avoid electric shock.

5. Motor must be kept dry at all times. if unit becomes wet, thoroughly dry before next operation.

6. Indoor use: use only with a grounded plug and/or extension cord to avoid risk of electrical shock or fire. Remember never to use a cord with any kind of damage or wear.

7. Make sure the power source is sufficient to meet the requirements of the blower.

8. Keep air intakes clear at all times to avoid clogging or blocking in order to prevent overheating the unit. Blocking the air intakes could result in a fire or electrical hazards.

9. Do not remove any safety guards from this unit to prevent injury to persons, and to avoid objects from coming in contact with the blower wheel. unit damage in this manner will void your warranty.

10. Do not operate unit close to any dangerous areas, such as explosive gases, flammables, heaters and ventilated environments, which may result in explosions or electrical hazards.

11. Do not use any form of speed control device as doing so may risk injury or fire.

12. Always place blower on a smooth and leveled surface for safe operation.

13. Do not operate in stacked position.

14. Do not use unit if damaged.

15. Before cleaning or servicing unplug unit.

16. All blowers in operation must be supervised at all times.

B-Air Blowers are the only blowers available on the market with outstanding quality and performance backed by an award for”Best Customer Service”.At B-Air Blowers, there is a special application department, which was created to hear Clients special blower needs in the event that their current models do not apply. Just email them with your special requests, they can create the ideal models.

As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, which was recognized by an award at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions), B-Air Blowers have become the preferred choice of Blowers for leading manufacturers in the Inflatable Industry.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.