It is a very good ideal that do business with the water park. With heavy work and study, all people need to relax under the financial crisis. And your rates range may be from 1/2day to a whole week with different price so that it can meet various demands.

Here I want to describe the whole water park in detail. It consists of several parts as follows,

(1) Two pieces Aviva Oribit Floating Trampoline

Its not just a trampoline anymore. With the extreme Orbit additional inflatable, you will have the world’s best water park!

(2)One piece Aviva Water Totter

Touch the sky then touch the water as you rock on the Totter.

(3)One piece Aviva Water Totter Max

(4) Two pieces Aviva Moonwalk

The Moon Walk is the ultimate challenge and the Katapult will take you flying through the air!

(5) Two pieces Aviva Glider

(6)Two pieces Aviva Katapult

Jump on one end of the Katapult (attached to the Orbit) and launch the person on the other side through the air and into the water.

(7) One piece Aviva Rock Slider

(8)One piece Aviva Saturn

(9)Sixteen Aviva Safety Bounces

(10)One piece Iceberg

Three different sides of the Iceberg allow three degrees of climbing difficulty from a beginner to an expert. This is the ultimate in FUN!

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.