Why this module bouncy castle is so popular?

This is a module bouncy castle with different themed art panels. Featured by detachable banner, you could update your panel to keep pace with the times. Hence, the castle is always the newest one. The latest panel trend: Frozen, Justice League, etc. Every picture is painted by our professional painter, so the images of panels are clearer & more vivid than those downloaded from the Internet. Purchase cost for one regular castle could buy another more hot-selling banner. This is a wise investment indeed.

Another one point, Double Reinforced manual technique has been introduced into our production. We use double or triple stitched, even quadruple stitched in some place where need to be reinforced. We seam another layer of cloth to reinforce in the inflatable’s joint place as well. All of these details show our products much stronger& more durable than any other product from other companies.

Besides these, each corner of two anchorage points of stainless steel, which have long life span and greatly maintain stability when it is secured to the ground. A step attached to the castle is wide enough to cover the entire access. Your girls & boys will not fall off easily. This unit is equipped with two deflation zips, hidden from your view, which could help you accerlate your deflation process.
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The last but not least, the best PVC materials of commercial grade is always first choices, which is water-proof, fire-retardant and lead-free. And the thread is anticorrosive nylon, which greatly increases the life span of the bouncy castle. Windows of mesh design could help observe what your kids inside. And the netting size is less than 30 mm to exclude player’s feet to stop player climbing the netting. The basketball hoop is connected by velcro; hence your kids could not hang himself up. This design protect player from breaking his arm.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

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