Usage of Zorb Balls

How to use Zorb Balls?

1. Be sure to take off hard stuffs before enter Zorb Ball, such as : Shoes, keys and so on.
2. For entering Zorb, hold Zorb entrance down, body bow and enter into Zorb entrance, two hands together put on inside core, then jump into Zorb inside.
3. For getting out of Zorb, hold Zorb entrance adown, players two leg extend out of Zorb from entrance first, then two hands hold on inside core and jump out from Zorb.
4. Make sure all safety belts are in good condition and tightly wrap on body correctly before playing.
5. Do not load extra force on Zorb Ball when it is in rolling.

Zorb ball maintenance tips

1. Always check zorb balls condition before usage
2. Always clean the zorb ball after each day of usage.
3. Check Zorb Ball’s air pressure regularly

How to repair Zorb Balls?

1. Be sure the hole area is clean and dry
2. Cut off one TPU patch piece from patch and be sure this piece of TPU is clean and dry
3. Smear Resin Adhesive onto both zorb hole are and TPU patch piece
4. Wait a moment, until Resin Adhesive is dry on both hole area and TPU patch piece (use finger to touch Resin adhesive, if finger does not paste by Resin adhesive,then it’s ok, go to next step)
5. Paste patch piece onto zorb hole area
6. Press on adhesive area, make patch piece can be pasted on zorb smoothly and tightly sealed
7. Wait for 20 minutes, or use hair dryer blow on repaired area, made temperature raise to 40-50°C and wait 10-15 minutes,then you can inflate zorb again
8. Double smear resin adhesive onto zorb ball and patch piece if necessary to reinforce adhesive function


1. Do not get out from Zorb ball immediately once ball stop rolling, please stay in zorb ball 1-2 minutes before getting out
2. As Zorb ball is with high speed when in rolling, it is not suitable for age under 10 nor age over 55

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

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