Tips of playing inflatables in hot summer

In hot summer, you should keep it cool during inflatable activities .East Inflatables will tell you these basic precautions.

Take it slow. If you’re used to exercising inflatable sports in hot weather, take it easy at first. As your body adapts to the heat, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workout. If you have a chronic medical condition or take medication, ask your doctor if you need to take additional precautions.

Drink plenty of fluids. In hot summer, your body’s ability to sweat and cool down depends on adequate rehydration. Drink plenty of water while you’re exercising— even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you’re planning to exercise intensely or for longer than one hour, consider sports drinks instead. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, which actually promote fluid loss.

Dress appropriately. Light weight, loose fitting clothing promotes sweat evaporation and cooling by letting more air pass over your body. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb the heat. Suitable clothing is essential.

Avoid midday sun. Exercise in the morning or evening — when it’s likely to be cooler outdoors — rather than the middle of the day. If possible, exercise in the shade or in a pool.

Have a backup plan. You should make a good plan before inflatables activities.


Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

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