The quality of our company

No sacrifice on quality, safety is always our priority. We have been working towards the goal. Under the guidance of the idea, we have been trying our best to upgrade our product materials and manufacturing techniques from beginning to end. In the past, we just started with some slogans for ourselves. But now, we are getting closer to the goal. In the future, we will make persistent efforts to realize it.

From the three periods, you could obviously find our company has been making good progress.

2008-2012, for a start-up company, we insist that best materials are significant to product quality. But we have to admit that we overcame the manufacture techniques. We didn’t pass EN14960 test, ASTM test and didn’t comply with Au standards.

2012-2014, in the mature stage, we put 0.55mm 18oz PVC tarpaulin from Plato into use, which is much more durable than 0.45mm PVC, oxford cloth or nylon. In addition, Double Reinforced techniques have been introduced into production. We use double or triple stitched, even quadruple stitched in some place where needs to reinforce.

2014 until now, based on the original ones, we add more humanized designs to our products. And we try our best to upgrade our materials with 0.55mm 15oz PVC, which is lighter than 18 oz. PVC, but much stronger than that one. The new material is popular among our USA customers. Durability and strength is important, but the safety is a lot more than that. Having passed the latest EN14960 test, we pay more attention to comfort and reduce security risks.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

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  1. David Smith Post author

    Love this inflatable Dragon bounce house Combo from east inflatables. The goods came at the good time and the children liked it as well. The material is 0.55mm 18oz PVC, very durable. Though it is a bit heavy for me to handle it, I’m very satisfied. They introduced another kind of material which is 15oz, also very strong but lighter. We are interested to plan more products from them next season. Just my personal experience to share with all of you. Hope this for east inflatables review can helpful to your decision.


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