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How to Pick up inflatables from Sydney warehouse?

With the expansion of East Inflatables’ Australian business, more and more Australian Customers choose to buy from our Sydney warehouse. There are 2 ways that the clients can get their inflatables: 1) Asking us to arrange the shipping for them, and the shipping freight is the buyer’s responsibility. 2) Directly going to the Sydney warehouse to pick up the inflatables themselves.

The first ways is very easy, you just need to pay the shipping fee and our company will be responsible for arranging all the shipping work in 3 working days.But there are some steps that you should note if you choose to fetch the inflatables up from the warehouse yourself.


And here is the steps:
1) First and the most important, when you have paid the money, you should contact the sales person early, they will tell you the date and necessary files you should prepared, then they will send you the necessary info of the products. Or you can’t get your products. We need time to arrange the work.
2) Working time of the Sydney warehouse:Monday – Friday (9:00,am – 5:00,pm)
3) Knowing the packaging sizes and weights of the your products and arranging the capable car or truck to pick up the goods
4) Necessary Documents: Copies of your passports, ID card and license plate number of the car or truck you dries to pick up the inflatables(ID card and the license plate number is must files that required)
5) Warehouse Address: pls contact your salesperson for details.
6) With all these necessary files and product info, you can bring your inflatables home.

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Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

Sydney warehouse PK China factory

Australian customers’ attention:

As is known to all, there is anoverseas warehouse located in Sydney besides our China factory. Thus, to cost down and make a big profit, which one should we choose to buy from? Each has its advantages.

From Sydney warehouse:

1. If you purchase from our company for the first time with too much worries, you are kindly advised to place a trial order to test its quality from Sydney warehouse. If you are satisfied with our product, you could purchase in bulk from our China factory. If not, it certainly would be no great loss!

2. If you just need only one jumping castle now, you don’t have to spend that much manpower, money and time to import from China.Choose to buy from Sydney warehouse may be faster, more convenient and more cost-effective. It helps save clearance fee, import tax and other handling fees.

3. If you never import overseas before, it is a good choice for you to buy from Sydney warehouse. Trust everyone experienced online shopping. Hence, just log in on EBay by link at http://stores.ebay.com.au/east-inflatables and choose which you like best. We will send it to your door directly after receiving your payment. Easy, safe and fast.


From China factory:

1. If you place a big order, you could consider purchasing at a preferential factory price from our China factory. Yes, you have to pay for the extra fees, such as clearance fee, import tax, etc. Generally, we charge USD250 shipping feefor first item, you just need toadd USD150 for each one if you would like to buy more.So do the extra fees. This is how economy of scale works. Hence, the more products you purchase, the lower the cost will be.

2. If you are located somewhere far away from Sydney in Australia, you may pay for quite high express fee, even beyond import shipping cost.Many domestic express companies charge a very high postage for those remote areas.Hence, choose to buy from our China factory may be a perfect channel.


Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.