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Introduction of happy jump


Happy Jump, Inc.one of the industry’s leading inflatable manufacturers has been manufacturing outdoor inflatables, bounce houses, and interactive games since 1998. They are based in 19843 Nordhoff St.Northridge, CA 9132 and have created hundreds of custom designed bouncers, obstacles, advertising inflatables, balloons, space walks, and inflatable slides for clients all over the world. Each inflatable game they sell is designed and built by their craftsmen in their own factories. They control every step of the production process, from using only the finest “lead-free” high quality PVC vinyl materials, to the final inspection on every unit before it is packed for shipment.
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At Happy Jump, Inc., all moonwalks are highly sought-after for their creative and extremely safe designs. All of their moonwalks are constructed in adherence with the highest safety standards. Made with high-strength and high quality vinyl, lead-free/flame-retardant materials, and child-proof safety netting, any Happy Jump, Inc. Courteous and knowledgeable staff in Happy Jumps is standing by to handle all inquiries and help customers find moonwalks sure to be in high demand. When you choose Happy Jump, Inc., you choose a reputable company dedicated to exceptional quality and customer service!
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Happy Jump, Inc. provides buyer a limited repair and replacement warranty and agrees and warrants as follows: a)Three years warranty on all moonwalks(jumpers), slides, interactive games, Combo units and playgrounds from date of purchase only. b)Pieces and Parts (such as slide blankets and step) manufactured by Happy Jump : Thirty days from date of purchase .c) Other Equipment (not manufactured by Happy Jump, Inc.), such as Motor Blowers: No warranty of any kind is extended by Happy Jump, Inc., but Happy Jump, Inc. will, to the extent it can legally and contractually do so, assign to Buyer, at Buyer’s request, all warranties on such other Equipment, if any, offered by the manufacturer or supplier of such other Equipment.d) No warranty on soaker hoses, zippers, or artwork.

Each year, there are various promotional activities at Happy Jump.They offer the product selection clients want and the quality and experience clients need to help make your commercial inflatables business profitable, safe, and successful.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

How to Pick up inflatables from Sydney warehouse?

With the expansion of East Inflatables’ Australian business, more and more Australian Customers choose to buy from our Sydney warehouse. There are 2 ways that the clients can get their inflatables: 1) Asking us to arrange the shipping for them, and the shipping freight is the buyer’s responsibility. 2) Directly going to the Sydney warehouse to pick up the inflatables themselves.

The first ways is very easy, you just need to pay the shipping fee and our company will be responsible for arranging all the shipping work in 3 working days.But there are some steps that you should note if you choose to fetch the inflatables up from the warehouse yourself.


And here is the steps:
1) First and the most important, when you have paid the money, you should contact the sales person early, they will tell you the date and necessary files you should prepared, then they will send you the necessary info of the products. Or you can’t get your products. We need time to arrange the work.
2) Working time of the Sydney warehouse:Monday – Friday (9:00,am – 5:00,pm)
3) Knowing the packaging sizes and weights of the your products and arranging the capable car or truck to pick up the goods
4) Necessary Documents: Copies of your passports, ID card and license plate number of the car or truck you dries to pick up the inflatables(ID card and the license plate number is must files that required)
5) Warehouse Address: pls contact your salesperson for details.
6) With all these necessary files and product info, you can bring your inflatables home.

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Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

Sydney warehouse PK China factory

Australian customers’ attention:

As is known to all, there is anoverseas warehouse located in Sydney besides our China factory. Thus, to cost down and make a big profit, which one should we choose to buy from? Each has its advantages.

From Sydney warehouse:

1. If you purchase from our company for the first time with too much worries, you are kindly advised to place a trial order to test its quality from Sydney warehouse. If you are satisfied with our product, you could purchase in bulk from our China factory. If not, it certainly would be no great loss!

2. If you just need only one jumping castle now, you don’t have to spend that much manpower, money and time to import from China.Choose to buy from Sydney warehouse may be faster, more convenient and more cost-effective. It helps save clearance fee, import tax and other handling fees.

3. If you never import overseas before, it is a good choice for you to buy from Sydney warehouse. Trust everyone experienced online shopping. Hence, just log in on EBay by link at http://stores.ebay.com.au/east-inflatables and choose which you like best. We will send it to your door directly after receiving your payment. Easy, safe and fast.


From China factory:

1. If you place a big order, you could consider purchasing at a preferential factory price from our China factory. Yes, you have to pay for the extra fees, such as clearance fee, import tax, etc. Generally, we charge USD250 shipping feefor first item, you just need toadd USD150 for each one if you would like to buy more.So do the extra fees. This is how economy of scale works. Hence, the more products you purchase, the lower the cost will be.

2. If you are located somewhere far away from Sydney in Australia, you may pay for quite high express fee, even beyond import shipping cost.Many domestic express companies charge a very high postage for those remote areas.Hence, choose to buy from our China factory may be a perfect channel.


Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

How to declare ISF 10+2?

This ISF is a Customs Requirement for all shipments or importations entering the United States by way of Ocean Shipment must be covered by an ISF (Importer Security Filing) which must be filed at LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO LOADING AT THE PORT OF LOADING IN CHINA.

The declaration items consist of two parts: Importer and Export (10 contents), Vessel Company (2 contents).

“10 contents” are:
1.Manufacturer name and address
2.Seller name and address
3.Buyer name and address
4.Ship to name and address
5.Importer of record number
6.Consignee number
7.Country of origin of the goods
8.Harmonized Tariff Schedule No. 6 digit
9.Container stuffing location
10.Consolidator name and address

“2 contents” are:
1.Vessel Stow Plan
2.Container Status Message


This is a form sample of ISF Filing. You will get this paper from vessel company once the forwarder has finished booking shipping space. Then you should find a customs broker to help you file this paper work, as far as I know, they will charge you around $100.

If you are not familiar with it, don’t worry about it, in fact, it is very easy step, we can recommend you the broker, you can contact him to ask for details.
Here are the details of the broker, who is very reliable and help so many customers of us fix the paper work.

Tel: 847-261-0100 Fax: 847-261-0105/0106
Email: alan@aaacustoms.com

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

Which delivery way is most suitable for your inflatables?

You may be confused with choosing the best way to transport your inflatables from China.
There are three delivery ways for your choice.

By sea
Generally, customers prefer to choose shipping by sea because It can save them much cost.
Seller will ship goods to your nearest port.
Shipping time is 15 days to 30 days.
Shipment fee is very cheap.
You need to clear customs and pay duty on your port.
So we suggest that you order more than one inflatable in a shipment to balance all shipping cost.

Air freight
If you only order one product and need them very urgently, air freight is your best choice.
Air freight fee is about 60% of item price.
Delivery time is 5-7 days.
But it is fast and easier to clear customs in your airport

By express
You can choose express if the weight and volume of your inflatables is very small. Such as inflatable arch, water ball, panels, blowers.
Seller will transport goods to your delivery address by express.
Delivery time is 7 days.
You don’t need to clear customs. You may need to pay duty based on your goods’ value.
Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

How to order?

How to order?
1.Choose your favorite items and we will send you Proforma Invoice for final confirmation.
2.We will start your order after receiving 50% deposit (we accept Wire Transfer, Western Union and Paypal). If order In Stock items, full payment is needed.
We will design according to your requirements and email you for confirmation (If it is customized design)
3.When order finished, we will email you the digital pics for your confirmation. If you’re satisfied with it, we will arrange the delivery once balance is done.
4.We will send you Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice or Packing list and all the import documents once your goods leave the board.
5.You will be informed to pick up the goods once your goods arrive at destination.


Written by Eva from East Inflatables.