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How to set up inflatable water park trampoline?

Inflatable water park trampoline is the one of popular element for water park. Our commercial grade Inflatable Water Trampolines are made of 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin, the diameters are from 3-6m(10ft-19.7ft) at your options..With Stainless steel on it, for the safety problem, we will add the mat on the steel to avoid hurt. It can connect with slide, bridge or other elements.Your best unique choice for aqua park.

Today, I would like to share some points how to set up the … Read More

Environmental and Human Causes for Injury

There are several possible causes for the increase in injuries. Among these causes are environmental conditions, operator error, equipment failure, overcrowding, rough housing, etc.

1 Environmental – Wind and Rain


Wind is often a factor in injuries caused by inflatables. There have been cases of sudden gusts of wind blowing over inflatables. In July of 2005, “at least three children were injured when a gust of wind sent an inflatable castle flying through the air. The children fell 25-35 … Read More

Introduction of B-Air


The B-Air is located in 550 S Ayon Ave., Azusa, California91702. The family of B-Airs, whether it be a … ‘Kodiak’ , ‘Panda’, ‘Grizzly’, ‘Super Bear’, ‘Koala’, ‘Cub’ or a ‘BIG BEAR’ is certain to meet all of your inflatable blower needs.

For the past decade, B-Air Blowers has been creating and designing various blowers and fans that answer the needs for the Inflatable industry from Safety, Design and Function.

All of B-Air Blower’s products are manufactured in their state … Read More

Water Activities With Inflatables

When the temperature rises, one of the first things kids and adults think of is jumping in the swimming pool, if you incorporate a few water activities like water trampoline, iceberg, rocker, spinner, Inflatable Balance Beam, Inflatable Floating Climbing Slide, you’ll keep the fun going all summer long.

Today I’m going to recommend you popular water games as following:

Inflatable Trampoline For Water Park
Inflatable water park trampoline is the one of popular element for water park .This middle size … Read More

Does East Inflatables comply with Australian standard AS 3533.4.1 – 2005?

Every customer from Australia always have query that does your inflatables meet Australian Standard AS 3533.4.1 – 2005?
Then what is AS 3533.4.1 – 2005? What should buyer pay attention to?
Today, I will list some points on this standard as following:
East Inflatables use only the finest quality, heavy duty, reinforced vinyl and extra strength thread. Quality materials result in longer life and higher profitability.

1. Material and Accessories
The data below compares our inflatable specifications to the Read More

Why this module bouncy castle is so popular?

This is a module bouncy castle with different themed art panels. Featured by detachable banner, you could update your panel to keep pace with the times. Hence, the castle is always the newest one. The latest panel trend: Frozen, Justice League, etc. Every picture is painted by our professional painter, so the images of panels are clearer & more vivid than those downloaded from the Internet. Purchase cost for one regular castle could buy another more hot-selling banner. This is … Read More

How many seconds a safe inflatable bouncer should fall down after when blower off?

People always pay much attention on bouncer safety. They will check its material, design and anchor points. However, they may ignore a very important point which is fall down time.

If the inflatable bouncer falls down in case of power off in several seconds, both players and supervisor can’t have enough time to react. It is very dangerous that players were overwhelmed in the inflatable bouncer.

So guess how many seconds a safe inflatable bouncer should fall down after when … Read More

Why E1-004 is so popular?

This is our best-selling jumping castle this year. But do you know why it is so popular? Several reasons may account for the phenomenon.

First of all, this unit is equipped with a slide & a climb inside. You can play more games and enjoy more interest with your kids, instead of jumping only. What’s more, it features detachable art panel. With different themed banners, it can save much more purchase cost for some more similar castles.

Secondly, each inflatable … Read More


In East Inflatables, safety is our priority. Our rules help everyone to stay safe while having fun. It is very important that ride attendants watch out for the safety of participants and observe the following rules:

1.Always have at least one trained adult to supervise riders at all times.
2.Do not use slide as bouncer.
3.Instruct all passengers to ride individually. Single riders only!
4.Never jump, flip or somersault off top of slide.
5.Supervisor should not allow participants to slide … Read More

The quality of our company

No sacrifice on quality, safety is always our priority. We have been working towards the goal. Under the guidance of the idea, we have been trying our best to upgrade our product materials and manufacturing techniques from beginning to end. In the past, we just started with some slogans for ourselves. But now, we are getting closer to the goal. In the future, we will make persistent efforts to realize it.

From the three periods, you could obviously find our … Read More