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East Inflatables EBay Retail store develops in Direct-selling Worldwide

Trust everyone experiences online shoppingmore or less,such as EBay, Amazon, etc. Mentioned the pros and cons, maybe you could tell a long long story, right?

So far, we have opened a new market channel through EBay to meet the demands of retails.Don’t have to find a broker to import especiallyjust for one or two regular castles.
Never feel annoyed when your accessory is broken or your banners are out of date.
In East Retail store, you could find or customize what you want.Maybe there is not all items listed on EBay, but it doesn’t matter if you could contact our customer service staff to get a detailed product catalog.

For Australian customers, within Sydney, we directly ship the products from Sydney warehouse free of charge. Except Australia, we are free shipping your products from our China Factory to your door by international express, such as FedEx, DHL, etc. Both of these are fast and could avoid that many complex import procedures. Door to door service helps you experience shop worldwide better.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

A New Marketing Channel

Nowadays, EAST Inflatables Company has developed a new marketing channel, EBay Retail Store on Australian site, for convenience of more customers. No matter you just want to buy one jumping castle or slide for family use or for commercial uses, why not choose to buy from our Retail Store?

With a safe online shopping platform, you could view the shipping information at any time, instead of worrying about the cargo missing. Unlike purchasing overseas, you don’t have to pay extra import tax, clearance fee and handling fees. For more customers import experience, choosing to buy from our retail store may be much easier and more convenient. What’s more, all jumping castles in our retail store are shipped from our Sydney warehouse directly.

It’ll be shipped to you in a short time, much quicker than international shipping. As for the quality of our products, seeing is believing, the pictures below vividly show you the manual techniques and best PVC of commercial grade. Featured by Double Reinforced stitched, our products are much more durable and stronger than those cheaper ones.

Welcome to visit EAST EBay Retail Store by link east inflatables . More surprises waiting for you!


Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.