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Your decision: Cheap or Useful?

There’s nothing better than getting everything right at the first time, today we need to show up at a client’s home with wrong unit!! Has this ever happen to you?

Left Side Strap is easily broken after several times use, why you should buy it if you cannot use it?

Right Side Strap is our new STRAP, it is best built in the business, made of high strength poly webbing material with industrial grade D-rings.


Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

Information of airquee inflatables

Airquee was built in 2003 in Bristol, UK. In 2007 Airquee was introduced to the idea of manufacturing in Europe. 11 years on andAirquee Ltd has gone from strength to strength. They now have a full office in Bristol, UK, two factories in Romania, 15 distributors in different countries!

Airquee enormous range of products includes:
• Bouncy castles – A Frame, pillar & beam, arched, themed, disco domes, low bouncers, slide combo units and any other type you can imagine!

• Swimming pool inflatables – Aqua runs, constant flow, sealed inflatables, aqua slides, water slides.

• Promotional inflatables – Arches, columns, sky dancers, bespoke and custom designed eye-catching items!

• Inflatable games for teenagers & adults – rodeo bulls, laser mazes, sumo suits, bungee games and more.

• Sports inflatables – football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf…

• Industry accessories – including fans/blowers, cleaning products and ropes.

Show room:
In October 2012 Airquee created their showroom in the UK where customers can come and see our inflatables in action! They always have a selection of inflatables ready to present to their customers but if you would like to see something particular, please call them so they can arrange it for you.

PIPA Inspection:
PIPA is an organisation providing a database of RPII inspectors and all UK inflatable units that have a PIPA tag.
Airquee is an accredited RPII inspection body for bouncy castles, bouncy slides, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, fun runs and assault courses.


All Airquee inflatables and products are backed by our 12 months return to base manufacturer’s warranty.
To help them deal with any issues quickly, emailing photos of the problem can significantly speed up the process. The photos should include a close up of the problem and a wide shot to illustrate where on the inflatable the problem is located.

You can order Airquee goods not only in UK because they have 15 distributors in different countries.

Airquee is the largest manufacturer and supplier of inflatables in Europe. If you can imagine it, Airquee can make it.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

Does East Inflatables comply with Australian standard AS 3533.4.1 – 2005?

Every customer from Australia always have query that does your inflatables meet Australian Standard AS 3533.4.1 – 2005?
Then what is AS 3533.4.1 – 2005? What should buyer pay attention to?
Today, I will list some points on this standard as following:
East Inflatables use only the finest quality, heavy duty, reinforced vinyl and extra strength thread. Quality materials result in longer life and higher profitability.

1. Material and Accessories
The data below compares our inflatable specifications to the requirements set down in the Australian Standard AS 3533.4.1 – 2005

Australian Standards East Inflatables Specifications
Rope Breaking strain of 8 kN 12 mm silver rope rated to 9.5 kN
Thread 88 N tensile strength 175 N tensile strength
Tear Strength

Tensile Strength

400 N warp350 N weft

2250 N warp 1850 N weft

450 N warp387N weft

2598 N warp 2356 N weft

Anchorage System Rated to not less than 1.6 kN Tested to a mean average of 2.0 kN
Pegs 16 mm diameter rod 18 mm diameter rod

As you can see from the comparison chart, all our material inputs exceed what is required in the Australian Standard, this gives you the peace of mind knowing that East Inflatables is intrinsically safe and will easily pass registration requirements set down in Australia and territories that require this.
You can use the above chart to compare our inflatables to others on offer in the market.

East Inflatables only make inflatables comply with Australia Standard, we pay attention to all the necessary parts:
2. Product Details

The standards require operators to consider the following:
A. the number of anchorage points used and the forces they are able to sustain

In East Inflatables, each bouncer each corner will come with 2 anchorage points, this will ensure the inflatable is secured to the ground with ground stakes. Each Anchorage Point on the inflatable will withstand a minimum horizontal force of 2.0KN.

B.Material must meet flammability requirements

In East Inflatables, material we use is from Plato chemical best supplier here in China, material is water proof and fire resistant.

C.Full Rain Cover
The majority of our Jumping Castles in East Inflatables have a built in rain cover, it can prevent the drizzle and hot sun. At night the built in rain covers protect the castle and the users from dew. This ensures a dry and safe jumping surface for your guests.

D. Netted Walled Castles
Jumping Castles, Inflatable Games come in many different designs, shapes and Sizes, the netted walls in the front of our castles, prevent children or riders from falling out of the front of the castle. The supervisors can see their children from the front and side of the jumping castle and also allows fresh air to circulate through the castle, which is important on warm to hot days.
Since December 2005, all products from East Inflatables have been manufactured with 8mm netting, which are tested in accordance with the Australian Standard. This ensures that even the smallest fingers cannot get trapped or caught in the netting.
5 6

E .Blower Covers
The blower cover is another added safety feature of our jumping castles and provides safety functions. The blower cover stops rain or water falling directly onto the blower and electrical supply.
Adding the blower cover will give parents peace of mind. Curious children and wandering hands are deterred from interfering with the blower and electrical supply.

F. Inflatable Steps
All of Jumping Castles from East Inflatables feature an inflatable safety step to facilitate entry and exit to the unit.

G. Safety Mats
In East Inflatables, you can order Safety Mats, it is installed with a soft crash mat in the front entrance of every castle, just to make sure any accidental falls or spills getting in or out of the jumping castle are met with a softer landing.

H. Pegs
Pegs used to hold down jumping castles should be no less than 300mm in length and a minimum thickness of 16mm and East Inflatables uses pegs of at least this standard.

I. Safety Nets on Slide
This is a safety net placed over the platform of the slide to encourage children and riders to sit down before entering the slide.

Pls be assured that all of our commercial inflatables are manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS 3533.4.1. Don’t take a risk with children’s safety, pls make sure the supplier that you work with do right bouncer comply with Australia Standard, it’s the law in Australia.

Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

Why this module bouncy castle is so popular?

This is a module bouncy castle with different themed art panels. Featured by detachable banner, you could update your panel to keep pace with the times. Hence, the castle is always the newest one. The latest panel trend: Frozen, Justice League, etc. Every picture is painted by our professional painter, so the images of panels are clearer & more vivid than those downloaded from the Internet. Purchase cost for one regular castle could buy another more hot-selling banner. This is a wise investment indeed.

Another one point, Double Reinforced manual technique has been introduced into our production. We use double or triple stitched, even quadruple stitched in some place where need to be reinforced. We seam another layer of cloth to reinforce in the inflatable’s joint place as well. All of these details show our products much stronger& more durable than any other product from other companies.

Besides these, each corner of two anchorage points of stainless steel, which have long life span and greatly maintain stability when it is secured to the ground. A step attached to the castle is wide enough to cover the entire access. Your girls & boys will not fall off easily. This unit is equipped with two deflation zips, hidden from your view, which could help you accerlate your deflation process.
3 4

The last but not least, the best PVC materials of commercial grade is always first choices, which is water-proof, fire-retardant and lead-free. And the thread is anticorrosive nylon, which greatly increases the life span of the bouncy castle. Windows of mesh design could help observe what your kids inside. And the netting size is less than 30 mm to exclude player’s feet to stop player climbing the netting. The basketball hoop is connected by velcro; hence your kids could not hang himself up. This design protect player from breaking his arm.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Why E1-004 is so popular?

This is our best-selling jumping castle this year. But do you know why it is so popular? Several reasons may account for the phenomenon.

First of all, this unit is equipped with a slide & a climb inside. You can play more games and enjoy more interest with your kids, instead of jumping only. What’s more, it features detachable art panel. With different themed banners, it can save much more purchase cost for some more similar castles.

Secondly, each inflatable has eight anchorage points of stainless steel, which have long life span and greatly maintain stability when it is secured to the ground. A step attached to the castle is wide enough to cover the entire access.
4 5 6

Thirdly, the best PVC materials of commercial grade is always first choices, which is water-proof, fire-retardant and lead-free. The playing area is equipped with retention netting, strong enough to contain the heaviest user. In order to prevent users from climbing retention netting the mesh size, where the netting is more than 1 m vertical height and accessible to the user, is less than 30mm to exclude users’ feet.Each unit has two deflation zips, hidden from your view, which could help you accerlate your deflation process.
7 8 9

Featured by Double Reinforced technique, we have done extra enforcement on all pressure points. This makes our castles a lot more durable than others’.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

The quality of our company

No sacrifice on quality, safety is always our priority. We have been working towards the goal. Under the guidance of the idea, we have been trying our best to upgrade our product materials and manufacturing techniques from beginning to end. In the past, we just started with some slogans for ourselves. But now, we are getting closer to the goal. In the future, we will make persistent efforts to realize it.

From the three periods, you could obviously find our company has been making good progress.

2008-2012, for a start-up company, we insist that best materials are significant to product quality. But we have to admit that we overcame the manufacture techniques. We didn’t pass EN14960 test, ASTM test and didn’t comply with Au standards.

2012-2014, in the mature stage, we put 0.55mm 18oz PVC tarpaulin from Plato into use, which is much more durable than 0.45mm PVC, oxford cloth or nylon. In addition, Double Reinforced techniques have been introduced into production. We use double or triple stitched, even quadruple stitched in some place where needs to reinforce.

2014 until now, based on the original ones, we add more humanized designs to our products. And we try our best to upgrade our materials with 0.55mm 15oz PVC, which is lighter than 18 oz. PVC, but much stronger than that one. The new material is popular among our USA customers. Durability and strength is important, but the safety is a lot more than that. Having passed the latest EN14960 test, we pay more attention to comfort and reduce security risks.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.