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How to play the order via credit card?

Dear customers, thank you for ordering from East Inflatables. Considering you choose to pay via credit card, we have to require some information from you. Please kindly fill them out and email us back. We guarantee to keep your information strictly confidential. If there is leakage, we will bear legal responsibility. We need to use your email to register on www.east-inflatables.com/us. Absolutely, you can play an order on line by yourself. To save your time, we help you to do this. Sometimes, your credit card may refuse our first charge to protect your money, please verify and approve our charge. Then we will charge you again.

Below is the information you need to provide:

First name:
Last name:
Post code:
Delivery detail address including post code:
Credit card number:
Card Expiry Date:
Card Security Code (CVV2):

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

Local Payment PK International Payment

Most of regular customers from East Inflatables Company have a certain understanding about the terms of payment. But for the pros and cons, how much do you know? Well, this paper teaches you how to choose the perfect payment term, especially for Australian & American customers.

As is well known, there are three terms of International payment in our company, including T/T, PayPal & Western Union. Recently, we even open a local bank account in Australia and America.

If you’re located in Australia or U.S, it is wise for you to choose to pay via our Australian or American account directly. Three points may account for the fact.
1). It is much faster to transfer money domestically than internationally.
2). It is more convenient for you to track money transfer.
3). You don’t have to pay for any extra handling fees in this way.

Also, if you are outside of USA or Australia, it couldn’t be a better choice to choose to pay through T/T or Western Union. But you’re kindly reminded that you had better pay in full to avoid the handling fee for $80. Also, PayPal is acceptable if you don’t care about the 6% handling fee of the order totals.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.