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How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?

The beautiful graphic artwork on Inflatable bouncers attracts lots of kids and adults.

However, when bouncers get older (3~5 years), it starts to get white blotches on the graphics. They seem to be related to moisture.

In the tropical area, graphic artwork will get fade because of hot sun.

How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?

1.Choose bouncer with good quality graphic artwork
East Inflatables use the first grade pigment to make graphic artwork and lacquer another protective film … Read More

The Order Procedure for Customized Products

Some customers will have query that whether you just can make the inflatables you have? The answer is NO. East Inflatables can do customized products. So how to order for customized products?

1. Send us the pics in every angle of the products. Tell us your requests, like size, color, image printing…
2. Show the pics to our designers to check whether we can make it.
3. You pay $100 as the design fee to us. The cost will be … Read More

Inflatable Insurance

Before you rent your next inflatable, make sure that the company you’re renting from is licensed, insured, and reputable.


Why Get Inflatable Insurance?

A lot of companies debate about whether or not to get insurance for their party rental or indoor center business. We suggest companies consider the following on whether or not to insure their bouncy castles:

With Insurance:

– Security of protection against liability.

– Opportunity to rent at parks, recreation centers, and a lot of other event … Read More

Inflatable Exercise Benefits

Inflatable sport , which originated a long history Features It has a high fitness functions and entertainment. Let us count the benefits of EAST inflatables.
A Inflatable sports promote our metabolism, improve motor skills, physical fitness and overall development of good body.
B Inflatable sports have higher fitness function. You can experience aerobic exercise, maintain balance, enhance the accuracy and rhythmic movements.
C Inflatable sports can promote the regulation of human central nervous system, muscle strength development. Strengthen internal organs … Read More

Which delivery way is most suitable for your inflatables?

You may be confused with choosing the best way to transport your inflatables from China.
There are three delivery ways for your choice.

By sea
Generally, customers prefer to choose shipping by sea because It can save them much cost.
Seller will ship goods to your nearest port.
Shipping time is 15 days to 30 days.
Shipment fee is very cheap.
You need to clear customs and pay duty on your port.
So we suggest that you order more than … Read More

Notes on using Inflatables

Nowadays, more and more inflatables provide happiness for people. However, There are some issues are worthy of our attention, such as suitable occasions and age groups for inflatables.
The crowd:
A.School-age children’s (3-12 years old ) safety depends on the presence of an operator. Always have the inflatable unit supervised by an operator who has reviewed and understands the safety rulers.
B.Keep age and size of riders comparable. Extra caution is needed for children ages three and under. Never allow … Read More

Module Bounce House

What is Module Bounce House?
Module Bounce House is the bounce house that you can use it with different themes by changing different art panels. The Velcro attached on bounce houses and art panels will connect them together. Take down one art panel, then paste another one, there will show a different bounce house.

Pictures Show for Different Size Module Bounce Houses
13ft(L)x13ft(W)x12ft(H) or 4m(L)x4m(W)x3.6m(H)

15ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4m(H)

15ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4m(H)Dora Panel

Below are in 15ft(L)x15ft(W)x15ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4.5m(H)
6 7 8

Below are Read More

How to deflate and pack a bouncer ?

Before Deflating
1.Before breaking down any game, inspect the game for any damages and repair as necessary. Remove all accessories that may be applicable to the game. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc… Be sure to use a quality broom and sweep the surface of the game free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the game, i.e. pens, rocks, etc. also make sure … Read More

How to repair bounce house?

Bounce houses are thrown into rental business often, you should know how to fix your bounce house if it develops a tear or puncture.
Here we teach you two repair ways according to two different problems.
1)Repair object: tear or puncture on PVC
Repair kits: ruler, hair dryer, glue, PVC patch


Repair steps:
1. Cut out the patch that is large than the puncture.
2. The patch must be out in a circle or have rounded edges to prevent peeling.… Read More

How can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

No matter you are using it for business purpose or personal use, you need your bouncer to be of good quality. So how can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

First the bouncer should be individually tested, no matter for the material or for the structure. Just to be sure, the bouncers are safe for human being’s use, lead free. And better check up if the bouncers are up to the standard of your country’s usage beforehand.… Read More