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How to anchor inflatable water sport products?

Create rock-solid anchoring

Many of the inflatable water sports products on East Inflatables Manufacturing recommend the use of an anchoring system for the highest level of safety. But which type of anchor is right for you? There are many ways to anchor your inflatable products. Before moving forward, however, it is wise to master some local regulations regarding what types of anchors can be used at your end. Different places own different anchoring suggestions.

Quality Anchor Rope Is Key

Always start with a qualified anchor rope; nylon rope keeps the best in water and sun. It is recommended to use a nylon rope with a strength of 8mm/0.47. Lines do eventually wear out, so it’s important to check on them periodically.

Shock Absorbing Safety Bungee Cords

Are your anchors not staying put? While building a stronger anchor is a requisite option, using the stretchable shock absorbing Safety Bungee Cord will keep your anchor in position (see pic. a). Typically when a strong wind blows against large water inflatable, the anchor tends to move along as well. This is caused by the force of wind being transferred directly to your anchor through the mooring line. The solution is the stretchable shock absorbing Safety Bungee Cord (length: 3m/ 10ft) which absorbs the force from the wind. Instead of your anchor taking a beating, let the Safety Bungee take the force instead.

Mark Line with Buoy

By attaching a buoy or other float to the end of your anchor line, you’ll find it easier to identify (see pic. b). Attaching a stainless steel snap hook to the buoy simplifies the process of removing your water sports inflatable from the water for cleaning or repair. It also makes it simple to return your product to its previous location.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Environmental and Human Causes for Injury

There are several possible causes for the increase in injuries. Among these causes are environmental conditions, operator error, equipment failure, overcrowding, rough housing, etc.

1 Environmental – Wind and Rain


Wind is often a factor in injuries caused by inflatables. There have been cases of sudden gusts of wind blowing over inflatables. In July of 2005, “at least three children were injured when a gust of wind sent an inflatable castle flying through the air. The children fell 25-35 feet and landed on pavement. One child was hospitalized in intensive care; two others required surgery.


Another dangerous environmental condition for inflatable rides is rain. The rides can become slippery and people can slide off the inflatable causing injury. The rain can also make ground conditions troublesome by muddying the soil. This can prevent the inflatable from being staked down properly or sufficiently.

2 Human Causes – Overcrowding, Operator Error and Other Causes


Overcrowding is an identified hazard for inflatable rides. In June of 2004 “eight children were injured in a 20-foot fall from an inflatable ride after the ride collapsed. The children were taken to hospitals for treatment of their injuries, most of which were minor.

Overcrowding can occur for many reasons. The reason for overcrowding can be as simple as the operators are unaware of the maximum number of occupants. Other times the occupants can cause the overcrowding themselves, either by not listening to the operator or not reading any signs if they are present.

Operator Error

Too many operators regard inflatable rides as ‘big and soft’ and relatively harmless.

In May of 2005, a 24-year-old woman died from injuries. She sustained in a fall from an inflatable climbing wall. Normally, the ride attendant wears a strap around his waist or cinches it to the platform below to prevent a climber’s fall; however the attendant who was working with the victim had apparently failed to attach the strap around his waist, and was not holding it incorrectly. Her legs and lower body hit the inflated base and her head and upper body hit the pavement, resulting in serious head 34 trauma. She died due to these injuries three days later.

Throughout the research there has been a recurring theme; that having attentive, properly trained operators is the first step to reducing injuries on inflatable amusements.

Other Causes

Equipment failure, though rare, can be very dangerous.Cables that have been improperly repaired or inflatable attractions that have been quickly patched can cause serious injury. Blowers that suddenly stop working can cause the ride to deflate rapidly and often without warning. This can lead to situations that are very unsafe.

The human factor can often come into play. Rough-housing on an inflatable ride can be very dangerous, especially on an inflatable slide or other tall ride. A child could lose their balance and fall, potentially hurting themselves.

Another problem that occurs in the inflatable industry is insufficient communication with, or training of, the operator. In April of 2005, “an inflatable ride was carried away in strong winds with a 5-year-old girl and her 22-month-old sister inside. The girls suffered only minor injuries. The girls’ parents rented the ride — an inflatable castle in which children bounce. They say that the release form that they signed warned of the dangers that high winds pose to inflatable rides, but that they never read the paperwork. They say that the rental company should have warned them.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

What is the origin of the inflatable?

This is a great discover in 1959.John Scurlock designed the first inflatable model.The place is in Shreveport, Louisiana .The inventor is inventing with inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed his employees enjoyed jumping on the covers. His job was a mechanical engineer .In spare time, he like physics. Later,he created inflatable domes,inflatable tents and inflatable signs. The greatest achievement during his life was the invention of the safety air cushion. Then it is used by fire and rescue departments.

With the development of inflatable, it appears as a new way of entertainment.Its predecessor is said to be derived from a large number of cartoons produced by the United States. Because of the film’s animation, cute cartoon vivid, it is very popular among many young children, Therefore, this point will soon be some smart businessman value. They are for functions, school and church festivals and used for recreational purposes, particularly for children.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

Information of airquee inflatables

Airquee was built in 2003 in Bristol, UK. In 2007 Airquee was introduced to the idea of manufacturing in Europe. 11 years on andAirquee Ltd has gone from strength to strength. They now have a full office in Bristol, UK, two factories in Romania, 15 distributors in different countries!

Airquee enormous range of products includes:
• Bouncy castles – A Frame, pillar & beam, arched, themed, disco domes, low bouncers, slide combo units and any other type you can imagine!

• Swimming pool inflatables – Aqua runs, constant flow, sealed inflatables, aqua slides, water slides.

• Promotional inflatables – Arches, columns, sky dancers, bespoke and custom designed eye-catching items!

• Inflatable games for teenagers & adults – rodeo bulls, laser mazes, sumo suits, bungee games and more.

• Sports inflatables – football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf…

• Industry accessories – including fans/blowers, cleaning products and ropes.

Show room:
In October 2012 Airquee created their showroom in the UK where customers can come and see our inflatables in action! They always have a selection of inflatables ready to present to their customers but if you would like to see something particular, please call them so they can arrange it for you.

PIPA Inspection:
PIPA is an organisation providing a database of RPII inspectors and all UK inflatable units that have a PIPA tag.
Airquee is an accredited RPII inspection body for bouncy castles, bouncy slides, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, fun runs and assault courses.


All Airquee inflatables and products are backed by our 12 months return to base manufacturer’s warranty.
To help them deal with any issues quickly, emailing photos of the problem can significantly speed up the process. The photos should include a close up of the problem and a wide shot to illustrate where on the inflatable the problem is located.

You can order Airquee goods not only in UK because they have 15 distributors in different countries.

Airquee is the largest manufacturer and supplier of inflatables in Europe. If you can imagine it, Airquee can make it.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Magic jump

Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Sun Valley, California. Established in 1996, and supplier of inflatable play structures — such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, a wide variety of slides, combo units, and inflatables suitable for use in water — to independent businesses.

Magic Jump’s inflatable products are created with the idea of them lasting over time, both in style and life. Each product that is produced is inflated and inspected before shipment to ensure a complete and quality item for our customers. From the beginning to the end of the assembly line, all of our inflatables are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Magic jump operated entirely in the USA. They produce quality bounce houses and interactive inflatables for children and even adults of all ages to enjoy. Magic Jump was not always an inflatables manufacturer; it started off in the spring of 1995 as a Los Angeles party rentals business. You can buy or rent in magic jump.
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Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of HEC World wide

HEC Worldwide is a leading inflatables manufacturer founded in Orlando, FL, which supplies Inflatable Slides, Obstacle Courses, Bouncers, Combos, Water Slides, Toddlers, Juniors, Interactive Sports, etc. Obviously, HEC worldwide targets global markets. But this company established another branch office in Los Angeles, CA. To some extent, the layout means it aims at American large inward market.

HEC Worldwide is a member of Air show and IAAPA. There is no Disney themed product in this company. For Disney fans, what a pity it is! But HEC worldwide puts designs into priority all the time,where customers candepend on HEC Worldwide to be there for them when it counts.Different from Ninja Jump rich in a series of Disney-themed bouncy castles, HEC worldwide design and produce an array of new-style bouncy houses dependently. TheirJurassic Adventure®, 3 Ring Circus™ and Kidz Gym™ is sure to be a hit at any event.

HEC Worldwide has created some of the most recognized Inflatable Slides in the industry including the Screamer® Inflatable Slide and Accelerator Inflatable Slide Series and the world’s largest portable dry slide: their35′ The EdgeInflatable Slide. Besides, the newest craze to hit the inflatable industry is their Vertical Rush series featuring the ultimate in flexibility and connectivity!Connect the Vertical Rushto theirX Factor™ to create the Juggernaut™!Customers can also mix and match their30′ Obstacle Course, 40′ Obstacle Course or the Rock Climb Slide to create an awesome obstacle course that will be a perfect fit for any event!

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Introduction of eInflatables

eInflatables is Located in sunny southern California who offers the largest selection of affordable inflatable play structures, including Water Slides, Dry Slides, Wet & Dry Slides, Combo Units, Obstacle Courses, Inflatable Games, Bouncers and more.
They have been producing the highest quality, made-in-the-USA bouncers, slides and obstacle courses in the industry for 20 years.
eInflatables is the Top 5 among USA inflatables manufacturers.

  •  Super Star Products

Their most popular products are slides which have amazing designs and safety manufacture standard.

  • Top quality

eInflatables is commercial grade and they create cutting-edge designs to ensure safety first. They have own manufacture standard as follows:
1.18.5oz fire retardant, lead-free, commercial-grade coated vinyl
2.Military-spec nylon baffles
3.Heavy-duty industrial thread
4.Two rows of stitching on every single seam
5.Six rows of stitching on mattresses, double reinforcement strips on both sides
6.Patented locking entry door on all bouncers
7.Oversized structural supports

  • Customization

eInflatables can create an custom inflatable that suits your needs. You just need to tell them what you ideals and show them a drawing and they will turn it into a three-dimensional work of art. Then you will get the outstanding inflatables for your business and win!

  • Customer Support

eInflatables provides many opportunities to new business man or successful rental company or family entertainment center. You don’t need to worry about how to start or extend your inflatables business. Just Browse their blog, or download one of their eBooks to get valuable information. Their team can advise on marketing strategies, management techniques, and day-to-day operations. They can also help you streamline your systems by providing sample rental agreements, liability waiver forms, and many of the other documents your business needs.
Now they have several popular starter business packages for new business men.

  • Warranty

All inflatables manufactured by eInflatables: Two (2) years from the date of shipment to the buyer. (One year warranty for units sold for indoor use.)

When you work with eInflatables, you get the largest selection and the most exhilarating inflatables in the industry. Need to get the edge over your competition? Let them be your business partner!

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Inflatable 2000

Inflatable 2000 is the source for custom inflatables and promotional advertising products nationwide. They offer a various inflatables for party rental companies like bounce houses, interactive inflatables, obstacle courses, jumpers and combos, even inflatable slides and water slides. Their promotional advertising department offer advertising balloons, blimps, party tents, kiosks and booths, air dancers, flags, banners and more that can include your company logo or product logo for point of purchase sales. They offer many custom giant inflatables made to your specials.

Inflatable 2000 is located in Azusa, California, United State. But they serve around the world. Their inflatables can be found everywhere.

All Inflatable products guaranteed for 2 years and any inflatables sold to an indoor facility will be guaranteed for 1 year. All new Blowers are warranted directly by the respective manufacturer. For blower trouble-shooting or warranty, please refer to the blower manufacturer manual included in box. All other accessories have a thirty 30 days warranty from date of shipment. All used inflatables are sold “as is” with no warranty.

Inflatable 2000’s jumpers and bounce houses offer a wide variety of licensed products with many well known cartoon characters and super heroes. Their moonwalks are made safe and secure with lite n strong, fire-resistant vinyl making it safer, portable and more durable.

If you can imagine it, Inflatable 2000 can create it!

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

Introduction of EZ Inflatables


EZ Inflatable located in 875 North Todd Ave, Azusa California, USA.
With more than 14 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of top quality and innovative inflatable jumpers, moonwalks and water slides… EZ Inflatables, Inc. has quickly made a name for itself by becoming a leading supplier worldwide to the rapidly expanding “Party Rentals” industry.

Every EZ Inflatables comes with an industry leading, multi-year seam to seam warranty – covering all normal wear and tear of the unit. With proper care and maintenance, your units will continue to provide revenue long after you’ve recouped your initial outlay. In the unlikely event of any defect in manufacturing, you’re completely covered for repairs and/or a replacement unit.

All items include 3.5 years seam-to-seam warranty on dry units, 2 year seam-to-seam warranty on wet units. Lifetime warranty air blower, units all equipped with airflow zippers for fast deflating and easier cleaning. Items include tarps, spikes, advertising banner with company name and phone number, vinyl glue, patch kit.

When you purchase EZ Inflatables’ inflatable jumpers, you receive our experienced staff plus state-of-the-art technology and the culmination of years of innovative research, engineering and on-site manufacturing of superior inflatable jumpers.

While our superior design and construction ensures a longer life of the unit, carefully engineered added safety features bring parents back week after week, year after year. This all adds up to greater profits for you.

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

How to Pick up inflatables from Sydney warehouse?

With the expansion of East Inflatables’ Australian business, more and more Australian Customers choose to buy from our Sydney warehouse. There are 2 ways that the clients can get their inflatables: 1) Asking us to arrange the shipping for them, and the shipping freight is the buyer’s responsibility. 2) Directly going to the Sydney warehouse to pick up the inflatables themselves.

The first ways is very easy, you just need to pay the shipping fee and our company will be responsible for arranging all the shipping work in 3 working days.But there are some steps that you should note if you choose to fetch the inflatables up from the warehouse yourself.


And here is the steps:
1) First and the most important, when you have paid the money, you should contact the sales person early, they will tell you the date and necessary files you should prepared, then they will send you the necessary info of the products. Or you can’t get your products. We need time to arrange the work.
2) Working time of the Sydney warehouse:Monday – Friday (9:00,am – 5:00,pm)
3) Knowing the packaging sizes and weights of the your products and arranging the capable car or truck to pick up the goods
4) Necessary Documents: Copies of your passports, ID card and license plate number of the car or truck you dries to pick up the inflatables(ID card and the license plate number is must files that required)
5) Warehouse Address: pls contact your salesperson for details.
6) With all these necessary files and product info, you can bring your inflatables home.

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Written by Doris from East Inflatables.