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Introduction of Inflatable Obstacle Course

As time goes by, many inflatable products come to our live. There are many kinds of inflatable products. Inflatable Castles, inflatable water games, inflatable Slides, inflatable sports, inflatable screen and so on. Because of the characteristic of inflatable, it can be used in many fields such as water park, playground, exhibition, ceremony, even house will use inflatable products.

Here we’d like to recommend you the inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses are a ton of fun and great to satisfy your … Read More

How many people can the inflatable hold?

It depends on each inflatable, the limit goes down as the age and size go up.
East Inflatables Manufacturer’s recommendations for maximum loading are as follows:

Medium Inflatables 13’x13’: Children aged 3 to 8 – maximum of 8 permitted, children aged 9 to 12 – maximum of 6 permitted, weight limits to be 600 lbs

Large Bounce House 15×15: Children aged 3 to 8 – maximum of 10 permitted, children aged 9 to 12 – maximum of 8 permitted, weight … Read More

How to get profit from inflatable obstacle course?

Inflatable obstacle course is usually huge inflatables with many other inflatables such as inflatable slide, bounce houses. It’s very popular in birthday parties. If you do not like other boring games, inflatable obstacle course can add sparkles in the party. Obstacle course is indispensable to a successful party.

Running inflatable rental business is not so hard with the most fun and durable inflatable obstacle courses in your rental area. Pay attention to your inflatables’ quality. Obstacle courses constructed with double-reinforced … Read More