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How to start an Inflatable Bouncer Business?

The step:

1、Purchase an Inflatable Bouncer: To start your inflatable bouncer business you will first need to purchase a bouncer. Some of the inflatable bouncer manufacturers are magicjump (magicjump.com), ninjajump (ninjajump.com) and East Inflatables (east-inflatables.com) For your first bouncer, it is best to choose a universal pattern for any event such as a multi-colored castle. Choose non-gender specific colors so that you can service both boys and girls parties. Bouncers can cost between $1,800 and $5,000 to purchase – but … Read More

How many people can the inflatable hold?

It depends on each inflatable, the limit goes down as the age and size go up.
East Inflatables Manufacturer’s recommendations for maximum loading are as follows:

Medium Inflatables 13’x13’: Children aged 3 to 8 – maximum of 8 permitted, children aged 9 to 12 – maximum of 6 permitted, weight limits to be 600 lbs

Large Bounce House 15×15: Children aged 3 to 8 – maximum of 10 permitted, children aged 9 to 12 – maximum of 8 permitted, weight … Read More

Introduction of Magic jump

Magic Jump is an inflatable manufacturer based in Sun Valley, California. Established in 1996, and supplier of inflatable play structures — such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, a wide variety of slides, combo units, and inflatables suitable for use in water — to independent businesses.

Magic Jump’s inflatable products are created with the idea of them lasting over time, both in style and life. Each product that is produced is inflated and inspected before shipment to ensure a complete and … Read More

Introduction of EZ Inflatables


EZ Inflatable located in 875 North Todd Ave, Azusa California, USA.
With more than 14 years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of top quality and innovative inflatable jumpers, moonwalks and water slides… EZ Inflatables, Inc. has quickly made a name for itself by becoming a leading supplier worldwide to the rapidly expanding “Party Rentals” industry.

Every EZ Inflatables comes with an industry leading, multi-year seam to seam warranty – covering all normal wear and tear of … Read More

Bounce house rolling machine

A Bounce House Rolling machine can make the job of rolling up an inflatable super easy! The machine can easily roll up most inflatables by itself and make super big inflatables an easy job. 1 man can operation without straining your back on most inflatables.

It is not only a rolling machine. It can be used to move the inflatable with a hand truck or just easily roll the inflatable to where you need it. Works great on all surfaces. … Read More

Introduction for 5 in 1 Combo

East Inflatables 5 in 1 Combo has jump, basketball hoop, climb, slide and obstacle. What’s more, our art panels on 5 in 1 combo are detachable. They will be great renters for your business!

1. Jump
The jump area is not very big, but it offers a basketball hoop and both log and pop-up obstacles.

2. Basketball Hoop
Simple design and double reinforced workmanship make the basketball interesting and secure.

3. Climb
This climb feature is easy to go step … Read More

What does the inflatable jumping house come with?

Inflatable jumping house, also known as bouncy castle, moon bouncers, inflatable castle and so on. They are widely and popularly used for events such as birthday parties, get-togethers, family reunions, fests, school events and other special occasions.

Buying jumping house will give your kids their own wonderland to have non stop fun. But do you know what does the inflatable jumping house come with?

Generally, a jumping house in East Inflatables come with air blower, repair kit, Stakes, ground sheet, Read More

Module Bounce House

What is Module Bounce House?
Module Bounce House is the bounce house that you can use it with different themes by changing different art panels. The Velcro attached on bounce houses and art panels will connect them together. Take down one art panel, then paste another one, there will show a different bounce house.

Pictures Show for Different Size Module Bounce Houses
13ft(L)x13ft(W)x12ft(H) or 4m(L)x4m(W)x3.6m(H)

15ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4m(H)

15ft(L)x15ft(W)x13ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4m(H)Dora Panel

Below are in 15ft(L)x15ft(W)x15ft(H) or 4.5m(L)x4.5m(W)x4.5m(H)
6 7 8

Below are Read More

How to deflate and pack a bouncer ?

Before Deflating
1.Before breaking down any game, inspect the game for any damages and repair as necessary. Remove all accessories that may be applicable to the game. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc… Be sure to use a quality broom and sweep the surface of the game free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the game, i.e. pens, rocks, etc. also make sure … Read More

How to secure your inflatable bouncer ?

Safety is very important when you use the inflatable bouncer. Nobody wants to be injured during a happy time. Play structures for indoor and outdoor use should include a similarly secure anchor system when deployed outside.

An outdoor inflatable bouncer should have strong stakes to anchor it to the ground and clear instructions on safe setup and acceptable environments.
East inflatables put two anchor points each corner. What’s more, there is an anchor point every five meters(16 ft). The D-ring … Read More