Safety Operating Instructions

Nowadays, more and more bouncers provide fun and excitement for people. However, we need to pay more attention to player’s safety.
Let me give you a few precautions listed as following:
1. Number of the riders should be limited to the number specified on the label located on the back, side of the inflatables near the air tube.
2. No flips, wrestling, diving or extreme horseplay is allowed while on the ride.
3. Always exit the inflatable legs firsts.
4. Do not run to the inflatable to get a head start.
5. No running, No Horse Play, No Diving.
6. All enclosed inflatables, including bouncers and combos come with emergency exits on the roof top. Please locate them and get familiar with them; be sure to learn the way they should be used in case of an emergency evacuation.
7. Contact East Inflatables if the safety rules label is not readable or missing. It’s your responsibility to check that the label is clean and visible to the customer at all the times.
8. Inspect the inflatable before each use.
9. Some games including: Home Run Challenge (H.R.C), and Giant Basketball Hoop (G.B.H) require additional clearance around the game. Make sure no one stands near to batting person on H.R.C and no one goes under the Basketball hoop on G.B.H while participant is throwing the ball, this may cause serious injuries.
10. If the wind becomes excessive (25 mph or more), unload occupants and deflate the ride.

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

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