Are your inflatables in licensed?

If you’d like to know whether east inflatables is in licensed?

Our answer is No!

1. Please note that only Ninja jump is in licensed. None of inflatable manufacture have license in China. However, our company price is 1/2 or 1/3 of licensed inflatables.

2. How about the quality? Our quality is definitely good and in commercial grade.We double stitching everywhere, with fourfold stitching at bottom stress point. Double stitching inside and double stitching outside to make sure the inflatables are strong enough. Also we can show you our different certificates of inflatables. No more word I need to say about our quality, right?

3. What can East Inflatables do for you without license? First, we can make our own design or customize for you, such as Disney design. Second, our art panels are with velcro, it’s easy to stick on the inflatables. You can use many different themes on your inflatables. Is it good for your business? If yes, why not give us both a chance to conclude a deal?

Written by Amy from East Inflatables.

Local Payment PK International Payment

Most of regular customers from East Inflatables Company have a certain understanding about the terms of payment. But for the pros and cons, how much do you know? Well, this paper teaches you how to choose the perfect payment term, especially for Australian & American customers.

As is well known, there are three terms of International payment in our company, including T/T, PayPal & Western Union. Recently, we even open a local bank account in Australia and America.

If you’re located in Australia or U.S, it is wise for you to choose to pay via our Australian or American account directly. Three points may account for the fact.
1). It is much faster to transfer money domestically than internationally.
2). It is more convenient for you to track money transfer.
3). You don’t have to pay for any extra handling fees in this way.

Also, if you are outside of USA or Australia, it couldn’t be a better choice to choose to pay through T/T or Western Union. But you’re kindly reminded that you had better pay in full to avoid the handling fee for $80. Also, PayPal is acceptable if you don’t care about the 6% handling fee of the order totals.

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Introduction of happy jump


Happy Jump, of the industry’s leading inflatable manufacturers has been manufacturing outdoor inflatables, bounce houses, and interactive games since 1998. They are based in 19843 Nordhoff St.Northridge, CA 9132 and have created hundreds of custom designed bouncers, obstacles, advertising inflatables, balloons, space walks, and inflatable slides for clients all over the world. Each inflatable game they sell is designed and built by their craftsmen in their own factories. They control every step of the production process, from using only the finest “lead-free” high quality PVC vinyl materials, to the final inspection on every unit before it is packed for shipment.
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At Happy Jump, Inc., all moonwalks are highly sought-after for their creative and extremely safe designs. All of their moonwalks are constructed in adherence with the highest safety standards. Made with high-strength and high quality vinyl, lead-free/flame-retardant materials, and child-proof safety netting, any Happy Jump, Inc. Courteous and knowledgeable staff in Happy Jumps is standing by to handle all inquiries and help customers find moonwalks sure to be in high demand. When you choose Happy Jump, Inc., you choose a reputable company dedicated to exceptional quality and customer service!
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Happy Jump, Inc. provides buyer a limited repair and replacement warranty and agrees and warrants as follows: a)Three years warranty on all moonwalks(jumpers), slides, interactive games, Combo units and playgrounds from date of purchase only. b)Pieces and Parts (such as slide blankets and step) manufactured by Happy Jump : Thirty days from date of purchase .c) Other Equipment (not manufactured by Happy Jump, Inc.), such as Motor Blowers: No warranty of any kind is extended by Happy Jump, Inc., but Happy Jump, Inc. will, to the extent it can legally and contractually do so, assign to Buyer, at Buyer’s request, all warranties on such other Equipment, if any, offered by the manufacturer or supplier of such other Equipment.d) No warranty on soaker hoses, zippers, or artwork.

Each year, there are various promotional activities at Happy Jump.They offer the product selection clients want and the quality and experience clients need to help make your commercial inflatables business profitable, safe, and successful.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

What is American warehouse featured by?

Hey guys! Nowadays, EAST Inflatables Company has owned another overseas warehouse, located in Los Angeles. For convenience of more usa customers, you could directly visit our website or our EBay Retail Store on American site to purchase and we arrange local delivery for you.

No matter you just want to buy one jumping castle or slide for family use or for commercial uses, it couldn’t be a better choice to buy from us. Different from the traditional modes of overseas purchase, you don’t have to deal with the customs and pay extra import tax, clearance fee and handling fees. Just tell us which one you are interested in and then we ship it to your door when you make a payment. Also, local up may be acceptable to some extent. For most customers without import experience, choosing to buy from us may be much easier and more convenient.

What’s more, it’ll be directly shipped to you from our American warehouse in a short time, much quicker than international shipping.

As for the quality of our products, seeing is believing, the pictures below vividly show you the manual techniques and best PVC of commercial grade. Featured by Double Reinforced stitched, our products are much more durable and stronger than those cheaper ones. Welcome to visit EAST Inflatables company. More surprises waiting for you!

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

Introduction of Inflatable Obstacle Course

As time goes by, many inflatable products come to our live. There are many kinds of inflatable products. Inflatable Castles, inflatable water games, inflatable Slides, inflatable sports, inflatable screen and so on. Because of the characteristic of inflatable, it can be used in many fields such as water park, playground, exhibition, ceremony, even house will use inflatable products.

Here we’d like to recommend you the inflatable obstacle course. Obstacle courses are a ton of fun and great to satisfy your child’s competitive nature. Kids can race each other or just run wild through all the pop-ups, side bars, tunnels, rock walls and slides. There are so many different ways to have fun.

We have the largest selection of inflatable obstacle courses with high quality and good price. Our obstacles courses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The hottest one is the Adrenaline Rush Course E5-002. It is a three-piece design which is connected by the Velcros.The right and left part are all the same, so two players can play at the same time. The left and right sides are identical which allows for relay races between two teams. The two sides include log obstacles up and over, rock climbing walls with slides, crawls through tubes and pop up obstacles. The center obstacle include the pop ups, a double climb and a double lane slides. We have this inflatable obstacle course in stock now. Owning such a funny inflatable obstacle course, you will have great success in your business. You should not miss it!

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

How to start an Inflatable Bouncer Business?

The step:

1、Purchase an Inflatable Bouncer: To start your inflatable bouncer business you will first need to purchase a bouncer. Some of the inflatable bouncer manufacturers are magicjump (, ninjajump ( and East Inflatables ( For your first bouncer, it is best to choose a universal pattern for any event such as a multi-colored castle. Choose non-gender specific colors so that you can service both boys and girls parties. Bouncers can cost between $1,800 and $5,000 to purchase – but a plain castle should run you about $2,500.

2、Insurance: Before you can operate, you will need insurance coverage for your bouncer. You can visit to find a qualified bounce insurance agent. Before any booking you will have the customer sign a release as well as agree to a list of rules.

3、Website: The next thing you will want to do is build a website that will attract both kids and adults who are in search of inflatable bouncers in your area. Also, you should list your bouncer business on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

4、Advertising: You can make a magnetic sign and put it on your car or truck advertising your inflatable bouncer company. You should also make business cards and put them at any party shop, day care or other location that has many children.

5、First Booking: Your first inflatable bouncer booking will be exciting. Make sure you have tons of extension cord in case the customers outlet is far from the bouncer location. Typically, bouncers are booked in 6 hour blocks and rates vary all across the United States but an average rate would be $150 to $175 for 6 hours.

How to get fun from inflatable games ?

As the rapid development of technology, more people would like to sit at the PC set or television, instead of playing outdoor games for exercising. What is worse, most of them, even for adults, get tired of boring physical exercising activities, which have not creative fun. Thus, child should be encouraged to flex some muscles, jump, run, and stumble, not just burn hours in front of the television. Imagine how wonderful a game filled with exciting activities to get rid of those boring routine exercising. Now, more and more child and adults have found the potential games and fun factors and engaged in inflatable games.

To keep kids safe, inflatable games can be of any size, shape and color. Kids won’t be merely bouncing on the inflatable gams all day long – they can run, go under, and hop over the games integrated in each set. Inflatable sport game includes climbing wall, basketball, moon bouncer, jumping, which is a big hit for kids of all ages. Adults are even able to take part in the fun. From football bouncy castle, full size inflatable football pitches, to an inflatable boxing ring, the options for outdoor inflatable sport are limitless.

Most of all, it is also a collaborative game, which teaches team competition spirit. For instance, there are two or more kids hanging out to play. They can race against each other as they finish the games .The first one to the finish line is the winner. You can give toys, candies, and other freebies to the winner and it is going to be a lot of fun – especially if you are hosting a competition.

In any case, it is no need to do athlete exercising in the gymnasium, inflatable games will be best picked out. It is no need to seek diversion and diversion everywhere; inflatable sport game will attract kids and parents. It is no longer to worry about kids’ health, inflatable sport game is a good coach and playmate, who assists them doing fun exertion and keeping healthy. The inflatable games from East inflatable manufacturing Co., Ltd can last 3 years. Welcome to inquiry.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.