Introduction of The Inflatable Depot,Inc


The Inflatable Depot , Inc is located in Florida, United States.
It established in 1997.Main markets are North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia. Their main products is Inflatable Games & Rides , they are Worldwide leader company in design and manufacture of inflatable games, bounce houses, Advertising Inflatables, Water inflatable Games, inflatable obstacle .

They are professional Inflatable games manufacturer. They design unique, durable and affordable rides. They offer a wide range of games to choose from. Their headquarters are located in Orlando, Fl(US) and they also have branches in south America(Argentina) and Europe(Spain).

The following are their branches:
The Inflatable Depot INC .headquarters is located in 6457 Hazeltine National Dr.Ste100 Orlando,FL32822-5161
The Inflatable Depot INC. Italia is located in Via Pontina 722(Uscita Castel di Decima ) Rome 00128 Italia.
The Inflatable Depot INC. South America is located in 25de Mayo 5868(e/Pte Marquez y Colec. Gaona N)(1742) Paso del Rey, Moreno, Bs. As., Argentina

Their price of the products is above $1000.Their warranty is three years.
Company features:
1. Industry from the US and the world
2. New trends in the market and Advance on new products
3. You can speak up about the issues that concern you and your company
4. Marketing tips from the experts

The Inflatable Depot is ready to looking for the unique strange and abnormal design for any party or event.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

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