Introduction of Moonwalk Forum

Moonwalk Forum is the Internets latest addition in online communities tailored specifically to the Inflatable Party Rental Industry. It owns around 500,000 visitors since March 27, 2005. Moonwalk Forum is free to open to the public. It is designed for anyone that is interested in starting an Inflatable Party Rental business, might already be involved in one, or owns a company whether large or small and wants to share ideas and information. This forum is here to help you start, improve or grow your Party Rental – Inflatable Business! Veteran members and industry professionals are all willing to help you succeed.

The Member Services Area of Moonwalk Forum is designed to be a location for all your party rental needs such as links to valuable resources including inflatable manufacturers, concession machine suppliers, and game resources. Also within Member Services you will find pictures and videos concerning training and instruction for safe and operational use of your rental equipment; and valuable resources to pass on to your customers. If you are interested in starting a bounce house business, we think it’s a great place to start!

Moonwalk Forum has a Rental Directory for all-around world Bounce House Companies and Party-Rental Businesses to get listed if they don’t have a website. They look forward to visiting with you on the Moonwalk Forum! New information can be found daily!


Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

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