Huawei Air-Blower

The air blower we use to inflate is Huawei Air Blower. They meet CE/UL Certificate.
Low Noise, High Flow-rate Unit, Suitable for Outdoor, enclosed area or Indoor use.
They are great for Indoor & Household Use and Easy to Move and Store.

Below please check parameter selections of air blowers.


Remark: Some countries are in 220V voltage, but the frequency is 60Hz, such as French Polynesia.

2 3

4 5

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

One thought on “Huawei Air-Blower

  1. Tracey Post author

    We have been in the Party Rental Business for many years, we order inflatables and also air blowers from East Inflatables over years, and we use the blower for 5 years straight before it broke, considering its poor treatment and amount of hours it ran I would say that it is VERY durable. We got good reviews after so many rentals with their blower, it keeps the inflatables bouncer at a comfortable pressure, it makes some noise, but that was expected and not enough to be a concern, this 2 HP air blower are perfect using for commercial bounce houses, slide and large inflatable game.


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