How to secure your inflatable bouncer ?

Safety is very important when you use the inflatable bouncer. Nobody wants to be injured during a happy time. Play structures for indoor and outdoor use should include a similarly secure anchor system when deployed outside.

An outdoor inflatable bouncer should have strong stakes to anchor it to the ground and clear instructions on safe setup and acceptable environments.
East inflatables put two anchor points each corner. What’s more, there is an anchor point every five meters(16 ft). The D-ring on the anchor point is made of Stainless Steel which is not rusty. The minimum horizontal force is 1.6KN.
D-ring is very smooth and won’t hurt anybody.
You need to open our repair bag to take Stainless Steels out. Secure the Inflatable by staking the unit on all 4 corners. Drive stakes half way in at a 45 degree angle away from the inflatable.
To avoid anybody to step on the stakes, you need to add some colorful road warning signs around on those anchor points.


If you use the inflatable bouncer indoor, stakes won’t be any helpful. However, you can tie the sand bags to the anchor points. East Inflatables has top quality sand bags for sale. We also can customize the sand bags according to your ideal shape and size.


Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

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