How to maintain and repair the blower ?

Regular maintenance allows the blowers to maintain the best accomplishment of the state and prolong life span. Today east inflatables give you a brief introduction in terms maintenance. Blower maintenance personnel must pay attention to the following points.

A. Under completely normal circumstances, blowers can only be operated.
B. If the blowers equipment start to overhaul, you need to pay attention to normality of all parts.
C. Please clear the dirty dust and other water impurities inside the blower and gas pipeline and prevent corrosion periodically.
D. Repair of wind turbine equipment is not be allowed in operation.
E. Depending on the environmental conditions, supplement or replace the bearing grease is necessary.
F. Blowers should be stored in a dry environment to avoid motor damp. Inflatable blowers is in the open storage avoid rain. In the storage and handling process, blowers should prevent bumping.
G. Please keep the environment clean .The surface of blowers must be kept clean. Inlet and outlet should not have debris. Mold regularly eliminate dust and other debris inside the tube.

I Founding abnormal sound during operation, severe motor fever, live shell, switch trip, not work and so on, you should immediately stop to check it. To ensure safety, do not allow the fan to run in for repair. Maintenance should be carried out after five minutes. Commissioning and confirm no abnormalities and then start operation.


Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

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