How to Clean Inflatable Pools ?

An inflatable pool can be a source of enjoyment for family and friends. Swimmers, pets, airborne debris and rain all contribute to making the pool dirty, so regular maintenance is necessary to keep it sanitary. Using the pool often or only occasionally does not make a difference; you need to dedicate about two hours each week to maintain and cleaning your pool.


1.Remove all objects from the pool to avoid damaging or clogging the vacuum or filter.Use a pool net to scoop out leaves, branches and other visible debris.

2.Brush the sides and bottom of the pool to loosen any dirt or algae. Use a soft brush designed for vinyl pools.

3.Use a pool vacuum to remove debris from the pool floor. The type of vacuum you use (powered by a pump, battery or hand pump) depends on the size of your pool and your filter system. These are usually included in a pool package or are available from your pool dealer.

4.Clean out the skimmer basket and remove accumulated debris. The basket will catch larger debris before it reaches the filter and causes a clog or damages your system. Check this basket during the week to keep the filter running freely. This will help keep the pool cleaner between scheduled maintenance times.

5.Test water balance (acidity and alkalinity) and replenish chemicals as needed. The chemicals will help keep the pool clean and sanitized, but the water balance affects their performance. Add algaecide to prevent algae growth that can contribute to a dirty pool and clog your filter system.

6.Wipe down any toys or rafts with a soft, damp cloth before putting them back into the pool to prevent recontamination. If you notice algae stains on the liner or toys, clean them with a soft brush and mild cleaner to remove the stain and prevent algae regrowth.

Written by Doris from East Inflatables.

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