How can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

No matter you are using it for business purpose or personal use, you need your bouncer to be of good quality. So how can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

First the bouncer should be individually tested, no matter for the material or for the structure. Just to be sure, the bouncers are safe for human being’s use, lead free. And better check up if the bouncers are up to the standard of your country’s usage beforehand.

Second, the bouncers need to be reinforced to extend its usage, and below is an excellent example from East inflatable:


Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

2 thoughts on “How can you tell if a bouncer is of good quality?

  1. S. Clancy Post author

    I was looking for safe inflatables for my business rental. After many many hours of research on Internet, I found East Inflatables. I bought a bounce house for a try. I agree with previous reviews. I couldn’t be more pleased! While I do think the price of these are a bit “inflated”, the quality is DEFINITELY worth the money. It had durable material, strong thread, open side with no containing wall, entrance step, entrance mesh, anchorage system… fantastic for my business. Then ordered a bulk from them. Can’t wait!

  2. John William Post author

    We bought this giant blue slide from east inflatable for our business. I was a little nervous that i may regret such an expensive purchase but it is well worth it! Its stitching is double reinforced which makes the slide very strong and durable.The adults had as much fun on it as the kids. It is very sturdy – well made – will last longer than the ones I had previous owned. Very nice quality!This should last a long time (years) if you take good care of it.


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