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Your decision: Cheap or Useful?

There’s nothing better than getting everything right at the first time, today we need to show up at a client’s home with wrong unit!! Has this ever happen to you?

Left Side Strap is easily broken after several times use, why you should buy it if you cannot use it?

Right Side Strap is our new STRAP, it is best built in the business, made of high strength poly webbing material with industrial grade D-rings.


Written by Ada from East Inflatables.

See? The highlights of D-ring

This is our D ring of old vision as the picture below.

While this is our newest D-ring, which is used for the jumping castles as the picture below. Obviously, the new type of D-ring is bigger and stronger than the old one. That’s to say, the castle with new D-ring could be more convenient for you to secure the bouncer and can hold more stress to ensure your safety.

Moreover, the newest D-ring is made of stainless steel, which greatly adds its life span. Wherever you place the castle indoor or outdoor, you don’t worry about the corrosion any longer. Seeing is believing!

Written by Fiona from East Inflatables.

How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?

The beautiful graphic artwork on Inflatable bouncers attracts lots of kids and adults.

However, when bouncers get older (3~5 years), it starts to get white blotches on the graphics. They seem to be related to moisture.

In the tropical area, graphic artwork will get fade because of hot sun.

How to protect graphic artwork on inflatable bouncers?

1.Choose bouncer with good quality graphic artwork
East Inflatables use the first grade pigment to make graphic artwork and lacquer another protective film on them. Then all graphic artwork can block the UV rays and be waterproof.

2.Use bouncer indoor or under shade during heating wave days

3.If your bouncer gets wet, you must use dry and soft towel to dry the graphic artwork part. Keep inflating to get all water out from bouncer interior. You can’t pack the bouncer until it gets dry completely.

4.Don’t stain the graphic artwork when you use cleaner to clean the bouncer. Cleaner will damage the graphic artwork.

5.If the panel can be removed, you need to take it out when you pack bouncer and storage the panel separately.

Written by Candy from East Inflatables.

How to buy good quality inflatables in China ?

If you are still hesitate or worried about how to buy good quality inflatables. And it’s hard for you to make a decision. Here we East Inflatables as the manufacturer give you some little tips for how to buy good quality inflatables in China.

Firstly, you should know from whom you will buy inflatables. In other words, you must learn some manufacturers who produce inflatables. You can view their website and Facebook which will provide you more info. Or you can ask them to give you reference to check.

Secondly, where will you buy inflatables? UK? USA? In my personal opinion, China is the best choice, because the inflatables made in China have a relative low price. More and more people worldwide enjoy inflatables from China! Why not you? Are you afraid of the quality? East Inflatables’s goods are in commercial grade. Also we have designed one unique and advanced system of stitching named Double Reinforced.
So it is durable

Thirdly, the last but most import thing is almost everyone holds the same view that cheap products have poor quality. Why China Inflatables are cheaper than your country? It’s the reason that the price is EXW. If the price is extremely cheap, you must be careful.

Written by Sharon from East Inflatables.

High Quality With Global Standards

Europe Standard EN 14960 2013
We east inflatables are qualified with Flame resistant, EN 71, Lead-free certificates. We have verified through the EN 14960 Standard. The EN 14960 Standard was passed by the European parliament in 2006. It was created to cover all aspects of inflatable play equipment that is “jumped” or “slid” on, from the manufacturing stages through to usage and examination.
Today, most reputable bouncy castle manufacturers use this as the standard when building new inflatable play equipment.

The standard is the result of an initiative within the European Parliament to investigate the manufacturing, use and testing of inflatable play equipment. The Committee created to carry out the investigation included representatives from twenty eight different European countries, although the first draft standard was the work of just five countries including Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom; it was published in 2003.

The standard was given the scope to be applied to all inflatable equipment intended for use by children, specifically those under the age of 14. It was created to provide “appropriate measures” which addressed risks and the causes of accidents in regards to the design and construction of play inflatables. Ultimately, the purpose of EN 14960 is to make inflatables safer for users.

For bouncy castle business owners there are only a few items within the 47 page document that are particularly pertinent.

One of these items is concerned with the placement of the inflatable stating that they should:
• Never be placed near overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines.
• Never be placed on a slope greater than 5%.
• Always be placed upon a cleared area with not sharp objects or debris.
• Use a fence for the purposes of crowd control.

Another is concerned with supervising users stating that:
• Supervision is always needed
• Unattended inflatables should be deflated, with a disabled power source.
• Supervisors should restrict the number of users on the inflatable at any one time.
There are also items concerned with maintenance of the inflatable which include information on:
• Cleaning the inflatable.
• Preventative repairs
• Corrective maintenance.

And a large number of items all focussed towards the responsibilities of suppliers to provide certain information to operators including:
• How annual testing should be carried out.
• Operational procedures for inflatable use.
• The frequency of inspections and what to look for.
• How to set up the inflatable safely.
• Restrictions on use of the inflatable e.g. maximum size of users.

Naturally this is only a small selection of the information contained within the document, but does show that the standard covers practically all of the elements within inflatable purchasing, owning and operating.
1 TUV Lead Free ASTM

Our inflatables are built using “Lead Free” Vinyl that is it confirms and is in accordance with US Consumer Product Safety Improvement ACT (CPSIA) 2008.Lead Free means below 90ppm (parts per million)

EN 14960 SGS EN 71 (Fire Resistant)

Blower Certificate:CE/UL
Our blowers meet CE/UL certificate.

Australian Standards AS3533.4.1:
All of our inflatables are manufactured according to Australian Standard.
Our castles conform to Australian Standards AS3533.4.1.We produce the inflatables according to the requirements of Australia; we promise that our products conform to c.

Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.

Warranty Service

Warranty Service:

A. Our Products in our website code number (such as bouncers, slides, combos, obstacles, etc.) come with 2 years warranty. Regarding Customized Inflatables, come with 6 months warranty.

B. The blower comes with 2 years warranty.

C. We’ll match each product with a repair kit which includes glue, relative thread, Same Color PVC material, etc.

D. Please note that since this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to damage caused by: neglect, lack of maintenance, accident or abnormal operation.

How to Claim Warranty Services:

Please read the following information below to make sure the damage you have is covered and within Warranty stated time frame.

a) If damage is valid per the Warranty, please take digital photos clearly displaying the nature of the damage and email them to or the sales person you contacted before, along with detailed description of the problem.

b) If the product is not badly damaged, you can repair it yourself with the repair kit according to the repair instruction.

c) If the product is badly damaged, you can send the items back to us for inspection, we’ll be responsible for the repairing, but this will waste time and energy of both parties.

And in fact, the most convenient way is that you can repair it in your place, and we will negotiate with you about the repair fee.




Written by Cathy from East Inflatables.